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Episode 02: Designed Living

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Natural Fit

Philip Jenkins is the first to tell you that you don’t want to be inside his head. “The thing about my head, I don’t know how to describe it, you’ve seen in movies or TV…savants, things start spinning in their heads. I’m like that, I walk into a room and immediately focus in on something that needs to be adjusted, fixed, moved, rearranged, the whole thing, and lose track of the conversation. I’m so distracted!”

Philip knew from when he was young that he had an eye for design. He grew up in a family where his dad had a carpet company so he saw many homes and peoples design as he was growing up. Philip said, “I went to houses with him, and grew up appreciating the beauty and the peacefulness of a well done house, and that sparked me”. It just seemed like a natural fit to end up in the design business himself he’s just had an eye for putting things together.

Philip has several years of experience in interior design having worked at Classic Interiors and for Builders Design Center. He has had his own successful business for 9 years, which he started in the height of the recession. Opening his own studio, Designed Living, seemed like the next logical step.

Downtown Idaho Falls

Designed Living’s location is 520 Shoup Ave in downtown Idaho Falls. Philip has a long love affair with the downtown area. “My favorite memories are walking the downtown streets, it’s lightly snowing and we are going from store to store and I go by myself to buy my parents something, it’s just fond memories of downtown. For the longest time, downtown just died, there was nothing here but now it’s really making a huge comeback, there are developers that are coming in doing great things with buildings bringing them back to their original glory, there are beautiful apartments going in on the top floors.”

The building that Designed Living is in is a great example of this revitalization in downtown. It has wonderful architecture, exposed brick, exposed ceiling, a loft office area and it really provides that peaceful design space that adds to Philips design talent.

Not Just a Furniture Store

“My emphasis is designed living, I don’t want to be just a furniture store,” Philip says “I sell people furniture but what I want to do is sell them a lifestyle, an environment. I’ll gladly go to their house and look at what they have and get a visual of what they need and then present what I can to them to improve their surroundings. I won’t only sell it, I’ll go to their house and install it.”

“We take our surroundings with us. When we leave our house in the morning, if we feel good about our house, we feel good about ourselves all day long, and that’s true. When you leave your house and you know things are in place, all day long you know when you go home it will be calming and peaceful – it changes everything.”

See for Yourself

You can visit the Designed Living showroom at 520 Shoup Avenue in Idaho Falls, Idaho or give them a call at 208-419-0271.