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Episode 03: Nichole Klingler, The Venue Studios

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Vision for Business

As Nicole Klingler was growing up, she was surrounded by creativity. She started dancing at age 3 and hasn’t stopped since. That vision and drive was what drew her to an old building in downtown Rigby. When Nicole was first shown the current space where The Venue is she knew it had potential but it wasn’t the right time in her life to do anything with it herself. Fast forward a couple of years later and the same realtor gave Nicole a call to take a look at the space again, this time the stars aligned.
Nicole said, “I’m supposed to be in here, I don’t know why, but I know I’m supposed to do it”. Once she got into the Venue venture, she’d need to start booking it right away. She was instantly successful renting the space to fellow photographers and via word of mouth she was able to book 2 large weddings the first month.

Having a business can bring the extra stress of employees and hiring the right staff to tend to the business was an early decision for Nicole. “The timing was just right because my parents were at a deciding point in their lives, they were excited for me and chose to come help with the business. The best thing about it is they treat it like it’s their business.” Nicole’s parents live just above the studio and are on location to help when Nicole can’t be there.

Nicole credits her parents for raising her to be open to adventure and creativity. She said, “That is why I became an entrepreneur, I was always encouraged to be creative and they made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted.”

The Venue Studios

Since The Venue first opened Nicole has expanded the business and it is now The Venue Studios. The Venue Studios encompasses 4 different spaces. 2 spaces that are used for gatherings and photography and 2 that are used for activities and sports.

The original Venue space is used for photography and large gatherings. Nicole explained that the strangest thing, at the time, she was asked to host was a funeral and they have done 4 since! She’s open to considering anything, within reason. The White Space, is just that, white, it is primarily used for photography but can also be used for smaller gatherings such as meetings, baby showers and such. The Game space has foosball, card table, ping-pong, games and is frequently rented out for parties or family activities. The Court space has a ½ basketball court, a racquetball court and a locker room for those more active activities.

Vision for Future

Nicole hadn’t planned on all that The Venue Studios have become, but she says, “The sky is the limit”. Her philosophy is, “Stay open and be ready to pivot.” It’s important for her to give back to the community and she has demonstrated that by offering the space to non-profit groups. She’s also offered her advice to others who are looking to get into the same business. “If you can give generously and serve in your community then the people you work with and serve, they see that too, and they help you to be successful,” she says.

Nicole believes that whatever she has is a gift from God and she’s open to do whatever He sees she should do, so she’s keeping herself open.

See It For Yourself

You can see more photos of the studios and book dates by visiting Facebook @thevenuestudios and Instagram the.venue.studios.