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Episode 04: Garden Gate Nursery

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Rigby Staple

Garden Gate Nursery has been a staple of Rigby, Idaho since 1968. Twenty-two years ago Gary and Prudy Gneiting bought it and just this spring they sold the business to their son and his wife Alan and Krista Gneiting. Gary said when they first purchased it that they put a roof on it. The original greenhouse roof was held on by cinder blocks and 2x4s. For the first 10 years they put the money they made back into the business. Several years ago they purchased the lot on the Annis highway side and built the showroom and the parking lot making Garden Gate into the nursery that we know today.

Through the years the Gneitings had grandchildren work for them from time to time, but all of their children were grown and not involved in the business. Prudy said, “That’s why it was a really such a shock when Alan called and said he wanted to come back in the business.” They happened to plan to sign a contract with a realtor that day to sell the business. Their plans changed.

New Vision

Although Alan and Prudy saw the vision for Garden Gate to grow and do even more than they had been doing, they didn’t feel it was for them to do. Now that Alan and his family are involved there is a bigger vision for Garden Gate. Alan said, “I can see this going more than what mom and dad have brought it up to”. Alan said his son is interested in studying horticulture and they are hoping to add landscaping services in the future. Garden Gate already is doing some excavating since Alan has purchased a backhoe and they deliver and spread bark. All services that are beyond what was being offered.

Alan and Krista have opened the nursery in the fall and winter for a Fall Festival and Holiday Boutique. Alan said, “We have 30 different vendors…. it’s a fun atmosphere and a way to keeping [Garden Gate] going [in the off season].”

Not forgetting the fundamentals

Alan is quick to say that Garden Gate will not be abandoning its fundamentals. “We do custom planting in Spring, mom was the forerunner of this.” For several years Garden Gate has been known for planting their customers planters for them and keeping them in their greenhouses until the weather allows for them to thrive in their customers own yards, usually around Memorial Day. They also have a full compliment of vegetables and flowers for purchase. This usually amounts to over 100,000 plants they order each year. They have added planters, fountains and a few more boutique items to beautify our surroundings as well.

Alan says he loves being around family and loves being home. He’s committed to work hard and has faith that everything will work out without his mom and dad being in the business anymore.

Good Soil

Prudy said the key to success is “good soil”. She said, “I’ve tried to maintain that all along because a plant thrives with a good root system and good soil.” Alan said he’s proud to be the second generation and hopes to keep the legacy going. It seems with the foundation of “good soil” he’ll have a great place to start.

To contact Garden Gate or to check out the boutique you can find them on facebook @rigbygardengatenursery, on their website at gardengaterigby.com or call them at 208-745-0004.