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Episode 05: Son of Erik Design

Spencer Erickson
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Personal Touch Design

Son of Erik may have been a funny nickname for Spencer Erickson but it became much more than that after he named his business after it. Spencer said, “I specialize in helping small businesses with big branding. I give them the they can have a really killer brand in their niche market, whatever it may be.”

Spencer explains that at Son of Erik design he takes it further than just designing a logo, “branding is so much more than how your logo looks.” Spencer sets his service apart by researching his clients market and demographic and advising his clients on creating the culture that attracts the customers they are trying to find.

Corporate Life

Spencer’s journey to entrepreneurship took him through small business and the corporate world. He started his career with a small company that was experiencing growth and he was able to quickly advance in his role. After 4 years with this company he decided to look for a different role and felt that a move into the corporate world would give him the opportunity to learn from experienced leaders who could teach him different skills. After joining the corporate world he quickly learned that it wasn’t for him. He said, “I remember going home and talking with my wife about how miserable I was and how worthless I felt.” He knew he needed a change, but he was locked into a 2 year contract.

Since college Spencer had operated his side gig of Son of Erik design and he felt it was time to explore taking it more seriously. He took this opportunity to reach out to mentors and get advice. The advice was unanimous that pursing his own design company would offer him several pros that he wasn’t experiencing in the corporate world.

Given the opportunity

Waiting until he met his contractual commitment was what he’d decided to do but fate interceded and gave him the opportunity to pursue his dreams sooner than he’d planned. Spencer said, “This was the kick in the pants that I needed to get me going and so I made the decision to do Son of Erik design full-time.” Although it was a leap of faith, he made more money the first month than he would have had he stayed in the corporate world. He explained how vulnerability helped him through the experience.

Spencer is an advocate to others who are wondering what they should do with their careers. His advice is to, “go for it” and pursue doing what you love.

If you are looking for help to create your own brand, contact Spencer at 208-201-3817,, or