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Episode 07: Disruptive Productions

Posted: December 29, 2018 at 10:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

James Ogden hadn't planned to start his own business so soon in his life but when working for others became more of a frustration than it was worth he thought, “I have the equipment, I have the know how, why not start a business?” That's how Disruptive Productions came to be.

Disruptive Productions is a content creation company. James works specifically with businesses to crate digital media that can be used on whatever platform the business owner chooses. This includes video, photography and audio, but in creative ways.

James feels that the name, Disruptive Productions, fits his vision because he intends to disrupt the current way of doing things. The big companies have templates and “cookie cutter” ideas on providing content but James wants to represent the businesses and thier stories so it's unique to them.

Starting his own business has not come without adversity but he feels that he's “still naïve enough to not know” what he doesn't know and when difficulties face him, he just keeps moving forward. James says some of the best advice he's gotten is, “Make your mistakes early and often, it's easier to make mistakes then rather than when the consequenses are larger.” So, with that in mind, he's willing to take the risks needed to reach his dreams now.

Although James is juggling school and running his business currently, he envisions growth for Disruptive Productions and plans to add sales representatives and videographers to his team. His goal is to stay in East Idaho, “If I can focus on growing others and serving others that's what will keep me going.”

If you are interested in working with or learning more about Disruptive Productions, you can find it on facebook at

You can contact James at or by FB messenger.