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Episode 09: Miranda Marquit Freelancing

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A Woman of Many Titles

Miranda holds many titles, business owner, financial journalist, podcaster, expert, blogger, author, and that's just naming a few! Her resume is full of experience that spans 10+ years in freelance and blogging. When she began her business she estimates she was responsible for around 70% of financial writing that could be found on the internet.

Subject Matter Expert

Miranda didn't start out as a financial expert. “I actually started out as a science writer in the early days of the internet,” said Miranda, but one day she was introduced to a client who was trying to build a retirement blog and that started her journey of writing about finance. “As they say, I've never looked back.” Through self-study of everything she could find, she was able to teach herself about financial topics and has since become a subject matter expert who is often featured in national financial publications.

Finding Balance

Working from home certainly has it's perks, but it hasn't always been a very free life. At one point in her career she was writing at least 30 articles a week and working 70 hours a week. “Every entrepreneur goes through a period where they are working more than they ever thought they would and working more than they ever did in their real job”, she said, “I got burnt out and for about three days I didn't do anything.” During this time she was able to really reevaluate the work she was doing. She made the decision to niche down. Once she was able to do that she was seen as “an expert” and was able to charge more for her work. She also recieved some great advice from a client who told her, “You need to stop accepting what people give you and start asking for what you are worth.”

Foresight on Point

Just as Miranda had expected early in her career, online writing has become the future. Her writing continues to be in high demand as well as her podcasting and personal website content. She also says it's time to update the book she authored in 2013 about blogging, because things have changed! If you'd like to read some of Miranda's work, check out her blog at https://plantingmoneyseeds.com/

or listen to her at http://moneytreepodcast.com/