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Episode 10: Your Best Life

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Idaho For a Reason

Patrick Toussaint grew up the son of Hattian immigrants in The Bronx, New York and in Miami, Florida. That is a long way from Idaho, not only in distance but in diversity. In 1993 Patrick was 18 and excited to attend college in Idaho. When he came to Idaho he quickly noticed that there were not many African American's in the area. “In Miami, I was treated like a color, a threat. When I came to Idaho I realized I wasn't treated like a threat. I forgot that I'm black, it wasn't even an issue,” he said.

Patrick is going to be speaking at TEDx Idaho Falls in March and will be telling the story of his journey around coming to Idaho and why he has decided to stay and raise his family here. “I want people to realize we're really all the same and we should look to see the value in other people.”

Purposeful Life

When Patrick was 13 years old, he was riding his bike and was hit by a car. The accident scene was so gruesome that when his mother saw it she fainted and bystanders even covered him because they thought the accident had killed him. 305 stitches and a week in the hospital later he emerged feeling invincible. 2 years later, almost to the exact date, he was hit by a car while riding his bike again. This time he didn't feel so invincible, just grateful. After surviving two traumatic accidents he said he realized that there was a purpose and he needed to live up to it. “I realized I have a reason for living. What does God want me to do? Since then I've been living a purposeful life and looking for why I'm alive, I shouldn't be here,” he said.

In searching for that purpose he has realized that he has been blessed with the talent to love people. “I love to serve other people, to help people reach their goals and help people be happy,” Patrick said. With that in mind he has created Your Best Life, a personal coaching business where Patrick helps others achieve their fitness goals and discover the power they have within themselves to live their best life.

Your Best Life

” I work with individuals and find out what their why is,” he says. Working with their own motivation to reach their goals and supplementing with his talent for motivation and daily accountability he helps his clients achieve their goals. “My persistence will crush your resistance,” he says. Patrick says he lives by the moto PUSH, persist until success happens, and that has been the key to his personal success and helped him get through the failures he has endured.

“I believe that behind every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater benefit,” he says, “I put my head down and go forward, I don't believe in quitting or wallowing in the negative.” This attitude is what helps him inspire those he works with to be relentless with their dreams.

Work With Patrick

If you'd like to work with Patrick and learn his secrets for success, you can find him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PTYourBestLife/

He's taking new clients! TEDx Idaho Falls will be on March 9th and you can see and hear Patrick in person.