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Episode 11 – The Hustle Project

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Like Minded Women

When Sheena Daniels and Teasha Buxton became sister-in-law's little did they know that together they would pave the way for women in Eastern Idaho to ahieve their dreams. Just weeks ago they had their big lauch for The Hustle Project, a new collaboration where women can come together and be empowered to launch a business, grow an existing business or just to learn about business.

“This is a place for likeminded entrepreneurs to get together, support one another and get in front of who you need to know to grow your business,” Teasha said, “a community where everyone succeeds.” They both wished they would have had something like this when they were starting their own businesses.

Both ladies grew up in Teton Valley and were taught the value of hard work and tenacity from a young age. Sheena explained how her dad inspired her to keep on going in the face of adversity by using the empowering saying of “Cowboy Up” and telling her, “Sheen, get over it, have your pity party and then get over it.” That has helped shape her to do difficult things and face challenges with confidence.

The Project

The structure for The Hustle Project includes a monthly meeting that will be vaired from hearing presentations from business speakers to networking opportunities. They will be hosting an annual retreat where members will experience various activities that will help them personally and in their business. They also plan to have an annual formal awards banquet where businesses who have achieved goals are recognized. In addition, many local businesses have pitched in products and services that will be offered to members. This will all be provided in a membership model where subscribers will pay a membership fee. There is no limit on the number of memberships at this time. “We want all the women,” Sheena said.

Sheena and Teasha both feel like this is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and in their business. “I want women to feel like they can have any and everything they want in life, if you want to run a business and be a mom, you can do it,” said Sheena.

Overcome Self-Doubt

Starting The Hustle Project has not come without trials. Both Sheena and Teasha testify that they have had moments where they have second guessed what they were doing. Although their family has been very supportive, and many now are working on the board or helping in other ways, “They thought we were crazy,” Sheena said, “for awhile we thought we were crazy, but now all the crazies are with us!”

They have also had to face backlash from individuals who were critical of their idea and what they were trying to accomplish. They said they face that with prayer, meditation and keeping their eye on their goals. “I hope they come and join us, maybe they have been hurt. This is a place where they can feel love.”

Advice That Works

“Just do it, entrepreneurship can be scary, jump in and then you don't have any option but to succeed,” Teasha said when considering advice she would give to anyone thinking of starting a business. Sheena said that really identifying her “why” has helped her stay focused on the goal. She said, “You can never win if you don't try.”

If you are interested in learning more about The Hustle Project, you can follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thehustleprojecttribe

or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_hustle_project/

or their website https://www.thehustleproject.net/