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Episode 12: AndX Entertainment

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When Andy Johnson was in High School he was already showing signs of how driven he was. While competing in student government he demonsrated his comfort with public speaking and navigating the finer points of mastering a microphone. During that time he was approached by his would be boss to come work for his A/V company to assist him with events. He developed a love for entertainment and providing music for people during their most memorable experiences.

Although he loved the work he did, he believed that there was more that could be provided. His employer wasn't interested in pursing Andy's dreams, so Andy decided to branch out and pursue them on his own. So while still in college and with a $7,000 investment he started his company, AndX. The mission for the company is To Raise the Experience, and Andy has been pursing that vision since 2012.

Business Growth

For the first 9 month of the business, it was just Andy running the show. “I knew I needed to get some help when I had a weekend where I was triple booked,” Andy admitted. He approached some guys he had worked with in the industry and they continued to grow from there. Andy attributes some of that growth to making great partnerships with others who provided the business opportunities. One such opportunity took AndX from Florida to California and 60 stops in between.

Despite the productions they are doing now, Andy remembers his first even was a Jr. High School dance. He also remembers planning and producing a college event where he expected 200 attendees, and only got 20. “I knew then that I needed to focus on the A/V space and let someone else do production,” he said.

Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

Andy says as events have continued to grow it has pushed him out of the comfort zone and he admits he can't have the control he once had. This has been a challenge for him to add key talent to his team and to fill in the areas where he isn't as talented or can't always be involved with. “I want to go 90 miles per hour 6 days a week. I expect that from those around me but I've learned that there's got to be a balance of what I expect and what people can do,” he admits.

Andy also sought after and found a business mentor to lead him and challenge him in his business. He believes that this has helped him refine his leadership skills and mature as a business owner while still elevating him to accomplish more. “At first I was like, I don't need someone telling me what to do, I'm an entrepreneur – I know how to do it!” He admits that working with a mento has helped him grow at a faster pace because his mentor has helped him avoid some pitfalls by sharing his own experiences and steering Andy toward better decisions.

Future Vision

The future for AndX includes opening a rental division in March of 2019 where individuals can rent A/V equipment for their events and “do it yourself”. Andy also hopes to replicate what has been done in Idaho Falls and have a national presence one day. With the help of his brother, they are opening a location in the Salt Lake City area.


If you'd like to hire AndX for an event, they can be reached at https://andx.us/

Or you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.