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Episode 13: LaBelle Lake

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Home Sweet Home

Kira Martin never dreamed her childhood home would host over 50 weddings in a summer and become one of East Idaho's favorite wintertime destinations when she was growing up, but that's exactly what has happened to LaBelle Lake. The home was built in 1993 by her father and over the years he has added to it as he has envisioned amazing additions to the 7 acre space located adjacent to the Snake River in Jefferson county.

In 2016 Kira's parents felt like the home was too much for them since their 6 children had grown and moved out on their own and they put the property up for sale. During this time family and friends encouraged them to turn it into a vacation home or something telling them, “you have to do something with this!”. Kira and her father discussed ideas and decided to post a position for an event manager and see if they could host weddings, family reunions or other gatherings. “I didn't know anything about being an event manager, so we decided to hire someone,” Kira said. As things progressed, Kira got more involved in booking and planning the events and so she took the job as the event manager after all. They officially opened for business in the spring of 2017.

All Year Round

LaBelle Lake hosted 50 weddings in the 2018 season and it looks like that will grow in 2019. Seeing the success of the venue Kira and the family wanted to provide something during the winter months. After having a discussion with a friend who served a church mission in Norway, Tyler Martin, Kira's husband, had the idea to create an Ice Palace on the property for the winter months. In January 2018 they opened the LaBelle Lake Ice Palace, a frozen wonderland of tunnels, lights, sculptures and frozen art. The Ice Palace was so well recieved they decided to do it again for the 2018-2019 winter season.

Renting the adjoining Krupp Scout Hollow property provided them with more space to create the ice art and also allowed for more parking and the addition of a horse drawn sleigh ride. The finished up the 2018-2019 season on February 16th.


The Ice Palace has brought some challenges to the family due to an allegation of patent infringement filed by a Utah based company. The family has hired a patent attorney to defend the right for LaBelle Lake to continue to provide the Ice Palace. Tyler stated, “The LaBelle Lake patent attorney feels like this case is cut and dry, there is no question that our system is different.”

Despite the allegations, LaBelle Lake plans to continue with the Ice Palace and is already planning bigger and better things for next season. “We are so grateful for the support from the community, for their coming out [to the Ice Palace] and for the positive comments we've gotten,” said Kira.

Ambitious Beginnings

Although LaBelle Lake is a big focus for Kira, it's not the only business she's involved with. Her and her husband, Tyler, own Rock Gym Rexburg and Teton Cross Fit in Rexburg. “We started the Rock Gym when we were dating, [so] we had to get married!” Tyler said. “We are starters, we've created every business we have,” said Kira. They recently sold one of those creations they had called Fun on Wheels, a bus that goes to local pre-schools and provides gymnastics classes. “With LaBelle Lake, I just couldn't do it too,” said Kira. They also shared that 2019 will see some exciting additions for the Rock Gym and Teton Cross Fit and that includes a new location by the Fall.


If you'd like to contact LaBelle Lake you can find them at https://www.labellelake.com/

You can also contact Tyler or Kira at The Rock Gym Rexburghttps://www.therockgymrexburg.com/

Or at Teton Cross Fit http://www.tetoncrossfit.com/

They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram