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Episode 15: DIVINIA Water

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Homeless in Idaho

Kiersten Sedlmayr-Landers had no idea that her life's journey would bring her to Idaho, let alone to live with 5 other adults and 2 kids in a trailer house. However, that's exactly where her and her parents found themselves in 2008 after the recession left them without their Arizona home. “It's good to have a big reset like that in your life because it reminds you of why you do what you do…it's amazing when you hit rock bottom and you realize that you can survive this,” said Kiersten of the experience.

Kiersten's life had been that of an inventor's daughter and once in Idaho her family continued to pursue the technology and vision of DIVINIA water. Kiersten had not intended to be a part of the family business but as the opportuity evolved she took a lead and in 2016 the company was founded and started selling the purest water available on earth. “Having something cutting edge that people can't replicate gives us a competitive edge,” explained Kiersten.

Health Benefits

“Having something that can help people…encouraged us,” said Kiersten. Due to the properties of the water, lacking pollutants, the body can break it down easier and really utilize it's nutrients without any additives. “We live in an entirely polluted world…everything is polluted,” said Kiersten, “water is a funny thing it's so often overlooked but so fundamental to how we live and how healthfully we can live.”

Currently DIVINIA is shipping water all over the world, including to royal tigers in Dubai and an opera singer in Singapore. Locally it can be found Broulim's in Ammon, Love At First Bite, D'railed, Persnickety Lemon, Ripp'd Nutrition and Jackson Hole Grocers. It can also be ordered online and picked up at the Idaho Falls home location.


If you are looking for more information on DIVINIA water you can find that here https://www.diviniawater.com/