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Episode 18 – Hannah Lynn Art

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Early Entrepreneur

When Hannah Lynn was in seventh grade she was already hustling by selling bookmarks with her art on them door to door. Art has always been a part of her life and she found herself turning to it when she needed a release from the daily pressures of being a mom. Taking a chance, she decided to try to sell her work on Etsy and in a matter of 3 months she was making enough to cover costs of her hobby and other expenses.

“I have a passion for helping people, I really wanted to make a difference,” she said. Although Hannah started out working toward getting a degree in education she said, “Everything changed when I got an email from a woman who was going into brain surgery. Her surgeons had advised her to focus on positive thoughts prior to the surgery and she said she my artwork had the impact to make her feel happy and so that's what she used.” That experience changed her whole perspective on what her art was doing and the influence it could have on people and led her to pursue it as a career.

Inspiration to Focus

Understanding more clearly how her art could impact others she saw an opportunity for them to be more involved in the process, and the idea of the coloring books were born. Hannah was ahead of the curve for coloring books for adults, when she decided to take this direction the coloring book craze hadn't occurred yet. When it did, she was well prepared.

Hannah is currently publishing 2-3 books per year and this year she is doing a Kickstarter campaign to create a special Best Of book for her fans. Hannah estimates she has over 40K followers on Facebook. She also has an exclusive Facebook group of VIPs who have access to exclusive content she provides monthly. “I love my fans,” she said, and it's clear they love her back. Her Facebook feed is filled with positive comments and accolades for Hannah's work.

Not For Everyone

Hannah said her vision to help is what has driven her. “Being courageous is probably the biggest message that I could give anybody because it takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams and the reason why it does is because the disappointment is more than I think anyone could imagine it to be when it comes,” she said. Her determiniation has also helped drive her through difficulties. “Entrepreneurship is not for everyone”, she explains, and she's had to be really self-disciplined to accomplish what she has.

For more information or to access free downloads of Hannah's art visit her website at

Or you can find her on Facebook @HannahLynnArt

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