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Episode 19 – Charity Haderlie

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You Are A Champion

From a young age, Charity Haderlie knew she had an entrepreneurial spirit. “I have always had a business mindset, when I was 10 years old I wanted to raise funds and went door to door [selling pizza].” She effectively organized her own fundraiser and it gave her a taste of running a business.

Throughout her young adult years she felt the pull to pursue business opportunities but was held back by her own doubts and fears. She said, “I let the external critics become my internal critics,” and it caused her to experience depression and hopelessness. Charity went on to say, “I wasn't suicidal bit I was contemplating how I could disappear and no one would notice, I'm just a wasted piece of flesh.”

During this time a friend of hers took her to a mental health seminar and while there she took a self-assessment and discovered that she was depressed. She explained how this gave her hope, because before she felt like she was just defective and now she knew she could do something about it, so she went to work. She said she studied all she could during this time about the mind and how she could improve her mindset. That life experience set her up to help others' on their journies of self-doubt and fear.

Message to the Masses

Having grown from her own journey, Charity found herself in positions to teach, speak and lead others to their own liberation around mind-set and so last year she felt compelled to organize a conference where women could come and learn about personal development for themselves. Although the conference last year was centered around women she had heard from many of them that they had wished their male counterparts had been there as they would have benefitted from the messages too.

With that in mind, Ignite Your Champion was born. This year the conference is aimed at anyone who is interested in personal development and growth. “This conference will help you identify the mindset you are stuck behind and help you overcome that and achieve your goals,” Charity explained.

Charity will be one of the speakers in addition to 5 other individuals who will be presenting on different topics around changing mindset and living your best life. One of the speakers is Sherry Winn, 2 time Olympian who will speak on her own journey of self-doubt and fear and how she has overcome her fears to pursue her dreams.

Charity says her mission is to influence as many individuals as she possibly can and help inspire them to be all they can be to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.


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For more information or to get tickets to Ignite Your Champion, May 10-11, 2019, go to the following sites.