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Episode 20 – Constructed Adventures

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Adventure Spirit

When you participate in a “Secret Santa” exchange you hope that the person you have been partnered with does more than re-gift an old scarf. If you are lucky enough to be paired with Chris Waters you can be sure you'll have your own personalized scavenger hunt that matches your interests and stimulates your mind! Chris started Constructed Adventures after realizing he had a talent for creating experiences that involve puzzle solving, clue finding, and other various activities that lead to a surprise ending.

Chris explained that he was first introduced to scavenger hunts through his parents. They used scavenger hunts to keep him and his siblings busy on Christmas morning to buy them a little more pillow time before the craziness of the day ensued. This inspired him to invest in treasure hunting tools and caused him to perfect the art of wax melting to seal an envelope. Once he started to put together his constructed adventures, the recipients loved them so much they encouraged him to make a living out of it.

With this as a goal, Chris worked his desk job and did constructed adventures on the side. Chris' business started gaining some attention after being featured on Reddit. The big push that exposed the business to the world happened when Chris was interviewed by NPR for the show How I Built This. This show features small businesses in a segment called How You Built That and once Chris explained Constructed Adventures here his email started blowing up.

Chris has orchestrated all kinds of adventures including engagements, birthdays, conventions, and has been all over the world doing them. He prides himself in learning about the individual the adventure is for and making it customized to them.

Pay It Forward

Chris explained that throughout this business journey he has had to learn as he's gone along and he's relied on others to help him fill in where he's needed help. He is also committed to helping other individuals who may be interested in the same type of work and is currently mentoring some fellow “architects” to create adventures for others.

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