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Episode 21 – Sugar Doodle Boutique

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Start Where You Are

Before 2011, Alisha Evans hadn't used a sewing machine since she was 12 years old when she and her mom sewed Christmas ornaments for their tree. Although her mom was a seamstress, Alisha didn't realize her own talent and love for sewing until much later in life. That interest in sewing would be the vehicle that allowed her to start her home-based business and supplement her families income. First, she had to start by learning how to thread a sewing machine needle!

In the beginning, she used prints from local fabric stores, but as her business has evolved she now works with graphic designers who design original prints for her to use. This really sets her apart from her competitors. She also recognizes the value of great customer service and she works really hard to meet the needs of her customers and even exceed their expectations. She feels this is what has helped her be successful and provide repeat business by returning customers. “Every blanket is made with love,” she said.


Alisha recognizes that in the beginning of this business she wasn't sure it was going to be successful but her drive pushed her to give it her best shot. “I made a lot of mistakes, but I think how you get through those mistakes is what helps you grow and be successful,” she said.

Alisha has faced some customers that no matter what you do you cannot make them happy. She acknowledges that she has had to learn patience and understanding in these situations. When she first started she realized that it was difficult to be challenged in this way but now she realizes it comes with the territory and the unhappy customers are only a fraction of what she deals with. She finds joy in helping and enjoys how she gets frantic messages from parents when a favorite blanket is lost and she can make it better.

Mistakes have been made during her evolution and one she remembers the most was a shipping mistake where she sent the wrong blanket to Canada She had a decision to make whether or not to ask them to send the blankets back so that she could recoup her money but in the end she decided to tell them to keep the blankets and send them the right blankets. The Canadian customer has become one of her best customers.

The Blanket Business

Success in a home based business has been found by doing what she enjoys and is passionate about. She said she has had over 5000 sales. Before you start decide what you want success to look like. “My success might look very different from someone else's,” she says, “for someone else success might look like having several employees and a big business, but for me having the flexibility with my family is what success is.”

Gratitude has also been a linchpin for her success. It puts her in the right mindset to do her work. Alisha reveals that she has struggled with anxiety and that using gratitude practice helps her to reduce her anxiety and focus on what she needs to accomplish rather than letting it overwhelm her. She has also found support and knowledge in online communities for small business. “Find a group that is positive,” she recommends, “get rid of the negativity in your life, because when you have negativity, you tend to focus on that.”


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