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Episode 22 – Angie’s Queen Bean

Angie's Queen Bean
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Birth of Queenie

If you've seen the truck that wears a crown, you've seen Angie in her coffee truck. Angie English started her coffee truck business in March of this year and it's already attracted a loyal following. Angie's Queen Bean is unique to the Idaho Falls area. There are local coffee shops that deliver but Angie is the only coffee truck who brings the coffee fresh to you where you are.

The coffee truck business idea was born from watching her cousin in Twin Falls who started her own coffee truck business. Angie caught up with her cousin after years of separation and was introduced to the idea of the coffee truck and that gave her the idea of starting this in Idaho Falls. After a few hours of taking a ride with her cousin, she knew that's what she wanted to do. On the ride home, she called and ordered her truck.

She knew this business would be perfect for her because she loves people and loves serving them. She believed that this idea would give her the opportunity to do both and provide her joy and fill her passion.

Second Act

Angie's original career was as a dental hygienist after going back to school while raising her family. For 17 plus years Angie practiced as a dental hygienist. One occupational risk is the repetitive motion that is required to perform dental hygiene and it had taken a toll on Angie and her hands. She was advised by her surgeon after a recent surgery on her hand that her hygenist career needed to come to an end.

“I wasn't ready to go home and sit still,” she said. She felt like God was telling her that this door was closed and she needed to look for something else to do. Once she gave her boss her notice she wasn't sure what was in store for her next, until she met up with her cousin.

“I love status quo, I don't do stuff like this. I took such a huge risk with this,” she said. She explained that she just knew that this was what she was supposed to do. With that in mind, she recruited customers even before her truck was ready. She sold her vision and had fans before there was even a product.

Bringing Positivity

Angie feels like there's so much negativity in the world that she has a mission to provide positivity. She does this through her social media and how she deals with her customers.

“You find those people, you surround yourself with those people who get you. I've wasted a lot of time trying to make myself ‘be gotten‘ and what I've found is you don't have to sell it if you find the right people,” she said. She explained that she serves with a smile and her product is the highest quality possible. Good service is of utmost importance to her.

New Ideas

Although servicing every size of business would be her dream, she just cannot be everywhere at the same place. To serve more people and be available she is establishing set hours at certain locations. Her hope is that by being present at some of these places more people will be able to find her when they want their daily buzz.

Hard work doesn't scare her away and it's a good thing because her 5 am call isn't going to change. She's putting her all into the next 5 years and hopes to expand at some point, but today she's focused on taking care of Queenie.


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