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Episode 24 – Linda Galindo of Galindo Consulting

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Accountability Guarantees Success

Although not an East Idahoan proper, Linda's influence has been felt in East Idaho for over a decade through the work she has done in the area. After years as a journalist covering government and business, Linda Galindo was fed up covering stories focused on a lack of accountability. She left journalism and decided to do something about it.

Her life's work has become an unusual focus on what some believe to be a punitive thing, accountability. Linda is a fierce advocate for personal accountability. Her work is to create a world in which everyone, regardless of circumstances or position, is accountable for their results. Linda's mission is to help others to find the courage to see, hear and tell their own truth so they can live fully accountable lives.

Linda's approach includes bringing attention to the practice of rescuing, fixing, and saving and how, although often well-intentioned, it creates learned enablement. She explains how when we intervene in situations where individuals have an opportunity to realize their own responsibility it's actually very demeaning and sends the message that they aren't capable without help. This was modeled to her throughout her own struggles in life and fueled her passion to create a culture where people were allowed to fail and in the process, grow.

Today, Linda speaks, writes and consults internationally, teaching the principles of personal accountability. She looks for the hidden places where lack of accountability flourishes – often masked by ‘the culture’ – and shines light on them. With humor, directness and compassion, she calls out the truth.

Linda delivers keynotes and works directly with leaders and their teams to create accountable organizations. Her clients include some of the world’s most notable corporations, health care systems, government entities, and educational institutions, as well as entrepreneurial companies and non-profits.

If you are interested in learning more about Linda and Galindo Consulting, check out her website!

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