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Episode 26 – Alyce Jeppesen of Ahhhsome Relaxation

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New Idea for Relaxation and Self Care

In our busy lives few of us take time to take care of ourselves. Understanding that, Alyce Jeppesen and Shawn Tillman teamed up to create a 24 hour location where relaxation, stress reduction and pain reduction methods are easy and available.

Alyce's started this journey because her cousin had been diagnosed with cancer and, “I wanted to help him,” she said. “He had great doctors….but I wondered how I could help him with different measures.” During this time she started to look for other ways to help and found treatments that had been effective in other parts of the world.

She explained her services as a “techy spa” where multiple treatments are offered and there are several pieces of equipment are available to use. All in an effort to reduce stress, reduce pain and bring calm to our otherwise frantic lives.

Alyce has faced her own personal cancer journey and explained how her physician was not happy because she had chosen to treat it holistically rather than face surgery and radiation. Her diagnosis was 2 years ago and it hasn't grown. “I have the same cancer, but my perspective is different,” she said, “getting my stress level down has been pivotal.” Her cancer hasn't grown or gotten worse. She believes Western medicine and holistic treatments go hand in hand and there needs to be a balance.

“Just all around getting your stress down and improving your health touches every single aspect of your life,” she says. She talks about some of the clients that come in and explains, “If you can get their stress level down, it is incredible,” she said, “when someone comes in and they are grouchy, I promise they are in pain.”

Alyce and Shawn had been working on trying to start the business for 3 years when Alyce moved to Evanston, Wyoming. They saw this as the opportunity to open a small location with limited equipment to test the idea. It was successful right away and then the investors could now see what Alyce's vision was. Once the investors were able to experience the vision they were on board to help Alyce and Shawn build the dream. The Ammon location has now been open for over 3 years.

The model for Ahhhsome is a membership where you can come and go 24 hours per day 7 days per week. The vision for Ahhhsome Relaxation is to grow and franchise. The next location is planned for the Boise, Idaho area. This location will also be opened 24 hours and staffed.


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