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Episode 27 – Shelly Yorgesen – The Veranda and Givent Executive Network

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Master of Connecting

10 years ago Shelly Yorgesen received an email that would change her future and her life work. Networking is a fundamental concept for most business owners but Shelly's story is one of taking it to the next level for herself and for many whom she has connected. The idea was to create a place for top-level executives to communicate with each other and open doors. With this in mind Givent Executive Network was created.

Creating the infrastructure where business owners could support and serve one another was born during the time where the economy was struggling. Shelly and her partner Jon Bailey knew if they could get decision makers in a room together they would provide business opportunities for each other and open doors that may not have been able to be otherwise be opened.

Years later, Givent gave way for Shelly to create The Veranda Virtual Network. She saw a need for national and international connections and knew that the structure of Givent could serve a larger worldwide community. She also saw that women were underserved in the networking community and felt that creating a place for them was needed. “Men network more for the transaction and women network more for the relationship,” Shelly said. She went on to explain that she doesn't believe that this is a universal truth but realized that in general it makes sense as to why there aren't more women represented in networking communities.

“For some women in the Veranda, this is their first time networking and I teach them how,” she said. For many first-time business owners that is the case, they just don't know how to network and make is successful. Using Zoom technology she can bring all these women together and provide them a unique experience. They show up and ask for what they need.

Shelly explains how she had the vision but she had no clue on how to translate this. She was self-educated with the information available to find the technology and learn how to do virtual events. Her idea has helped others achieve their dreams all over the world. “Business is about relationships,” she said, and Shelly helps to create those relationships.


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