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Episode 29 – Topher Wilson with Wedowork

Episode 29
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Nontraditional Path

Telling the story of your business to get customers in the doors is what makes Wedowork different. “Knowing someone's story helps connect us,” says Topher Wilson, creator of Wedowork. “Going where you feel comfortable makes a difference and having a relationship with them is important,” says Topher. Wedowork creates a sequence that tells your story over time, keeping your target audience engaged and the relationships strong.

Topher was a freelancer for several years. With the inspiration of his wife they decided to tour the world with their 3, 8 and 11 kids. After selling everything, they traveled the world for 17 months. On the road, they visited 24 countries. While on this adventure a former client reached out to him and hired him to build a product. He assembled a team to do this project and his agency, Wedowork, was created. Thoroughly enjoying their life on the road, he was able to work. Now they have decided to put down roots and made an agreement with the kids that they can't be on the road for longer than 3 mo at a time.

As a risk taker and someone that has been described as havin “no fear”, Topher's attitude is to just go for it and don't dwell and doubt, “if it doesn't work out I do something else,” he says. The plans for Wedowork include doing whatever needs to be done to solve customer problems but Topher admits that he doesn't always work off of a plan and will take advantage of opportunities as they come. He explained about his business, “We are programmers, not marketers, but that now takes up 70% of the work.” Wedowork seems to figure out how to adjust and serve their market well.

Topher is also pursuing a passion for being a podcast host. A podcast is in the works discussing conspiracy theories, weird science and a bit of history. He says we should see this by August 2019.


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