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Episode 30 – Tanya Cromwell, Idaho Home Design/NEXT Construction Solutions

Tanya Cromwell
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Can't Find It? Do It Yourself!

When Tanya Cromwell wanted to build a home, she looked for the house plans of her dreams and couldn't find them so she decided to draw her own. Tanya has always had the attitude of “if you can't find it, do it yourself”. She enjoyed this process so much that she decided to take some classes and gain her drafting education. “It was my passion, I just didn't know it,” she said.

After drawing house plans and building that company up Tanya starting working with a construction company. She had always wanted to be a contractor and the owner was looking to sell the business and it was a great fit to buy it. The construction business continues to see more and more women entering the field. Tanya says, “I never saw this as a mans world, I was raised with a lot of men and working with them so it was natural for me.”

The construction business is in a growing mode. One of the needs she sees is that remodels are needed and this will be a focus of growth for the future. “Everyone is looking for the crash,” she said. The difference now is that we only have 30 days of stock. Right now there isn't enough labor out there to get job done.

Tanya belongs to the local builder's association and homeowners builders association. She was the first female that served as the local and then the state president. She's proud of the work they have done in the industry to encourage kids to be interested in the trades across the state. Scholarships to trade school are awarded from associations.

Tanya admits that she has had doubts and fears. She especially felt like she had to prove herself because she didn't have a formal education. She feels like she was made for this work because she has the vision and this work comes naturally. To overcome the fear, she said she soaked in as much as she could learn.

She said her biggest challenge is life balance. Raising a family and trying to balance work and life. She's had to learn to play a little more and not work so much. “I create those houses so they can create memories for their families and then I thought, am I out there creating those memories, where are my memories? I'm working to find that life balance,” she says.

Her advice is to not let fears stop you, figure it out and go forward. We all have fears but you've just got to believe in yourself and move.


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