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Episode 31 – Taylor & Marcela Kerbs, BustNMoves

BustNMoves Moving Co
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College Isn't For Everyone

Imagine purchasing your dream home and the excitement that you have moving in. Now imagine getting all of your belongings to your new dream home. Did your excitement just turn to anxiety?! Tyler and Marcela Kerbs of BustNMoves Moving Company understand the excitement of owning a new home but they also understand the stress that moving your belongings can cause.

Tyler says he's always wanted to own a moving company, but he got caught up in the idea that he needed a college degree. He felt like he was well prepared because he moved several times in his youth. “I've always been physically active…I love to move people. To put those two together was my dream,” he says. Nothing clicked in school and he felt that something wasn't right. “Finally Taylor came to me with the idea of a moving business, he'd done all the research,” Marcela said, “at that point how could I say no?”

The deal with Marcela included not quitting his day job and just doing moves on the weekend. “Two weeks later we were so busy I had to quit my day job,” he said. They risked all of their savings and a local bank took a chance on them, but it paid off. They advertised on Craig's List and immediately they had business.

Taylor and Marcela credit much of their success to hiring the right people. They have highly trained and physically fit employees that set them apart. Taylor also says that BustNMoves prides themselves in having relationships with their customers before they even meet them. “The people we've moved, we've become such good friends with them,” said Marcela.

Both of them agree that being married and being business partners isn't always easy. Marcela admits that she was terrified to start the business and that her comfort zone was to play it safe. Marcela's education was as a school teacher but she quit her teaching job to be in the business. BustNMoves has been in business for just over a year. They've expanded their crew and now have 2 trucks and a trailer and can meet customer's needs year-round.

Taylor admits that he has doubts. This business has a lot of unknowns and is dependent on the housing market. When Taylor hears stories of how they have helped customers he remembers why he's doing what he's doing. “The best and worst thing is to work for yourself,” he says.

“I'm the founder of BustNMoves but in founding we've worked our tails off,” Taylor said. “A service business is a great business…even if it isn't your dream job it can be a stepping stone,” he says. “If you are going to college right now and you want to be your own business owner, stop going to school,” he says, “you are learning how to help other people make money.” He believes that you can invest your tuition in your business and live your dream. “Don't buy in on that college train that you have to have a degree to be successful.”

The future of BustNMoves includes growth. The Kerbs envision expanding to surrounding communities and becoming the go-to to mover for East Idaho and the Magic Valley.


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