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Episode 33 – Jeremy Dresen – Glacier Marketing

Glacier Marketing
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Early Entrepreneur

Jeremy Dresen may be known to East Idaho as Jeremy Taylor, but there is so much more to his story than that of a radio personality. Jeremy's entrepreneurial spirit was first seen in high school. His friends were getting jobs at places like McDonald's but Jeremy saw an opportunity to use his talents to make money instead. He recruited a friend and they started a dance academy. They taught 3 different age groups, including a competition group, and did that all summer through high school. He also started DJ'ing for local events and ended up spinning records for 2 local dance clubs.

Jeremy admits that he wanted to get out of Idaho so after high school he attended the University of Utah with a plan to study broadcasting but switched majors to business management with an emphasis in marketing. It was while sitting in the marketing classes that he found his passion for marketing. “I took it all in, it was awesome,” he said.

While home for the holiday's Jeremy bumped into the General Manager of Z103 and she encouraged him to come back to East Idaho and become a radio DJ. She called him every month for 11 months until he said yes. He didn't think his future would be back in East Idaho but here he was. While in the DJ space he saw what the sales team were doing and it put fuel on his marketing passion, he went to the management and told them he also wanted to work in marketing. This was unheard of in the industry due to the potential of the DJ padding their pockets by showing favoritism to those they had sold to. They made a compromise and he kept his voice on radio with voice tracking while he tried his skills in sales. This was a great fit for him and eventually, this led to becoming the sales manager.

All of this fed his marketing passion and ushered him into feeling like he wanted to do marketing on his own. He called his brother Dave to discuss the plan and this is where Glacier Marketing was born. “I loved marketing and I want to stay in it, if I wanted to stay in it, I needed to go and do my own thing,” he said.

The business grew over the first 3 years and then it took off. “From there we've had at least 20-30% growth,” he said. He explains that marketing is a marathon and not a sprint, it shouldn't ever stop. “You can always pull back the reigns a little bit but you never shut the faucet off,” he says.

In looking at the future Jeremy and his wife knew that they wanted to invest in a business. They saw Phenix Salon Suites on Undercover Boss and just knew they wanted to do that in East Idaho. They were inspired by the owners story of putting the professional first and purchased the franchise. They have two locations one in East Idaho, a co-owned location in Holiday, Utah and they are building a third in Draper, Utah.

Jeremy still does the morning show because he loves it, he now has the best of both worlds. You can hear his voice on 100.7 MyFM. He admits that there have been many days where business ownership feels heavy. The weight of responsibility for the businesses and people he serves can be overwhelming. He believes that it's key to unplug from time to time and reenergize so he can keep going. Despite his original plan to get out of East Idaho, it looks like he's here to stay.


For more information on Glacier Marketing, you can check out their website at or you can contact Jeremy at, 208-409-6520

For more information on Phenix Salon Suites, you can check out their website at

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