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Episode 34 – Cliff Ravenscraft, Mind Set Answer Man

Mind Set Answer Man
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Called To Serve

Early on in Cliff Ravenscraft's career, he knew he wanted to serve God and do His work. He thought this looked like becoming a full-time pastor but his life took a different turn. While studying for the ministry he was working for his father in his insurance agency. He had begun by setting up their operating system for the agency and soon found himself as one of the top-selling life insurance agents in the country. During that time selling insurance, he found himself being an educator and a counselor. As clients would come to him for insurance he would often find himself helping them realize their goals.

After some time Cliff had fallen in love with the show, Lost. He had begun blogging about it and he recorded a 3-minute clip of his opinion related to a certain topic concerning the show. He sent this to a podcast host of a show about Lost and the host played his voice on the podcast. Entertainment Weekly heard it and wrote an article for and millions of people went to Cliff's website to learn who he was, so much so that they crashed his site! After this experience, Cliff realized the power of podcasting and launched his own podcast. He invited his wife on the show and by the 3rd episode, they had 27,000 subscribers to the show. They grew this to 60,000 downloads per episode. Cliff was hooked as he saw the potential of the lives he could touch through podcasting. The success of this show led other wannabe podcasters to reach out to Cliff to teach them how to do it and so he started his side hustle of Podcast Answer Man.

As his side hustle grew he became less and less interested in the insurance business and more focused on what he could achieve through his work as the Podcast Answer Man. Although frightened of the unknown, he decided to quit his job in insurance and pursue his side business. He admits that he was a good salesman but he knew very little about running his own business and his first year he made only $11,000. He was able to turn that around and over the course of his Podcast Answer Man career he taught over 40,000 individuals how to podcast.

Much like when he left insurance, his heart was not into what the Podcast Answer Man had become. There was much more dealing with technical questions than truly helping others and he felt pulled away from his true calling in life. He made another big decision to shut down all of his Podcast Answer Man related materials and become the Mind Set Answer Man.

Since 2018 Cliff has been living and growing his dream of influencing lives on a full-time basis. He serves others through 1:1 coaching, mastermind groups, small in-person workshops at his home, his podcasts, and through his conference called Free The Dream. He is confident that he is living his zone of genius and he is able to minister to others, just like he had originally set out to do – just much bigger!


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