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Episode 36 – Jennifer McCulloch – The Love Yourself Project

Love Yourself Project Idaho
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Guiding Light

When Jennifer McCulloch's niece moved in with her she realized that as a 10 year old she was struggling with some significant emotional distress. Jennifer wanted to help her and as she contemplated the situation she realized that she was adding to the stress by projecting her own fears of low self-esteem, body image and shame. The journey to help her niece ended up including teaching herself as well.

Jennifer says, “it took me years and going through a divorce before I finally went, who are you?” At the end of the day, she's learned that we must make decisions for ourselves and, although it may not be what others think you should be doing, you gain confidence. One helpful question she asks herself when making a hard decision is, “are you not doing this because you are afraid or are you not doing this because you don't want to?” Defining this gives her peace going forward. Recognizing negative self-talk and training yourself to overcome it is key.

During Christmas time 2018 Jennifer had lost a dear friend and found the book Dying to be Me. It was all about self-love and how when we live a genuine life we protect our health, mental and physical. Being true to yourself and not what other's expect you to be inspired Jennifer to take the step and create the Love Yourself Project to inspire other's to do just that, love themselves.

The Love Yourself Project Idaho is a Facebook page where individuals, who demonstrate authenticity in striving to make the world a better place, can be nominated and then recognized for the difference they make – just by being themselves. Jennifer, with the individual who nominated them, then visits the person and awards them with a certificate of recognition and some small gifts. Jennifer shared how this is such an uplifting opportunity for her to see how humbled and grateful the recipients are for being recognized.

As the President of the Greater Idaho Falls Association of Realtors, Jennifer even took this idea to her fellow Realtors at the risk of being different. One of the board members actually said, “you're basically proposing a complete culture shift.” She said, “I guess I am!” This led to #REALTORLove a program where fellow agents are praised and recognized by each other, a practice that had been very foreign in the industry.

Challenges are not all bad. We learn from them and our journey going through them. Jennifer is an example of growth through challenge and using it to help others and improve our community. She plans to continue to give out these recognitions and bring awareness to the everyday things that those around us are going through and overcoming. Her next vision for the project is to add a segment called Be-YOU-tiful Conversations where she does video interviews of people who are enduring life struggles and overcoming fears.

If you know of someone who is authentic and inspiring, nominate them for the recognition and let's help her spread this message of LOVE!


Go to the The Love Yourself Project page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LoveYourselfProjectIdaho/

For more information on Jennifer you can find that at http://jennifermccullochrealty.com/

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