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Episode 37 – Deana Brower, Diablas Kitchen

Diablas Kitchen
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The Meaning of Food

When you think back to special memories, is there some kind of comfort food that anchors it? Deana Brower realizes the power and meaning of food and has created Diablas Kitchen to mimic how you would feel if you were walking into your grandma's house. She wants you to feel like you've come home. “That's what I love the most, bringing joy, happiness, and fulfillment to people,” she says.

It seems that Deana was meant to own a restaurant and she has dreamed of that since her first job as a server. That dream came true when she opened Diablas Kitchen in downtown Idaho Falls 8 years ago. The restaurant business isn't an easy one but Deana explained, “I've never felt like customers are difficult, they just want to be treated in a particular way. Once they tell you what your needs are, you just meet those needs and you're gold. To me it's not that hard to do that.” She loves the customers and feels that she has been blessed with the right personality to serve them and make her business successful

Diablas Kitchen has an open kitchen and supports the vision of Deana connecting with the customers and the ability for them to interact with her and watch her prepare their food. She enjoys the reaction of the customers as they watch her. Deana has a new menu each month and uses local, fresh products. The menu always includes dairy and gluten free items and she is willing to customize a plate to her customers needs.

She feels strongly that people need to be shown how to use fresh ingredients. She's vocal about how important it is for us all to work together to support local growers and get back to whole food. She believes that we are losing our connection to genuinely making good food.

Deana started working with the Soup Kitchen and realized how much she enjoyed providing good food for those who are struggling to find their next meal. She began with cooking on Thanksgiving and then added Christmas and now cooks for them every holiday that she can. She asks for donations to provide the food and the community is always generous to help whether it be in food, money, or time. She'd love to do more if she could and feels strongly about food insecurity because it can hit anyone at any time.

When talking about the future of Diablas she says she plans to stay in downtown Idaho Falls and to continue with catering. She loves serving East Idaho and plans to do it for many years to come.


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