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Episode 38 – Aaron Marcum of VUE Advisors

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Chief Visionary

Do you believe that your leadership team are all on the same page? Aaron Marcum uses the tool EOS, Entrepreneur Operating System, to help achieve alignment within companies through his business VUE Advisors. Aaron works with leadership teams to align vision and teaches them EOS and the leadership team then trains their staff on the system. It's the framework for execution. It puts the action around the concepts and tools.

Aaron has clients all over the nation and serves them with a combination of in-person and virtual meetings. This journey spans 2 years and there are around 11 full-day sessions over those 2 years as well as what they have to do the influence change in their organization. This teaching includes 6 key components, vision, people, data, issues, and process. Just like a muscle they work at these to become stronger. Aaron works as a coach and consultant but it's up to his clients to learn the concepts and do this work on their own.

Aaron has experienced his own journey in business. After a failed business he decided to go into Home Care. Knowing nothing he realized that he needed the right people surrounding him. He experienced a rough first year starting that business and because of the support of his wife and family he persevered and experienced success eventually. He also attributes this to a lot of hard work.

During this time he realized that he didn't have the data that he needed to make important decisions around the care that was being provided. There wasn't a company that provided that information to private duty companies and so he decided to start one. Being from Idaho he decided to come back and specifically serve the city of Rexburg to give students and other residents employment and intern opportunities. He transitioned out of his home care business and went full in on his company Home Care Pulse.

He has been a trendsetter in this area working with over 2000 agencies across the nation improving care for those whom they serve. Most of those agencies participate just so they can be the best they can be. The data that Aaron provides proves satisfaction and quality. There are currently 125 employees with Home Care Pulse. This company grew but then hit a plateau and Aaron wondered how to move his business forward. This is where he found the book Traction and EOS.

He realized that he is a visionary trapped in the integrator seat. EOS allowed him to learn to trust his leaders and let go so the business can flourish. “Once we figured out we had a visionary and an integrator the magic really started to happen. We got out of each other's way and started gaining traction,” he says. Aaron remains a part of Home Care Pulse but is out of the day to day operations.

The vision for VUE Advisors going forward is to continue to be that service that helps other entrepreneurs be the strongest they can be and helping them build their businesses to grow and accomplish their goals. Aaron plans to continue to serve the home care industry and strengthen it, even considering writing a book specific to EOS and home care. Whatever the future brings his passion will remain to help others achieve their goals and dreams.


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