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Episode 41 – Tyler Kraupp of Arcane Marketing

Tyler Kraupp
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Operations and More

When Tyler was 16 years old he marched into the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce and asked for membership. “I can't explain it, it was just the vibes I was getting,” he said, and he signed up. He started cutting class to go to Chamber luncheons. “They treated me like one of their own,” he said. He is grateful to them for allowing him to be a part of the Chamber and filling that part of his drive. He had a web development business at the time and his mom insisted on being with him when he signed customer contracts. “I didn't not like school, I was just ready to get on with life,” he explains.

Tyler joined Strategic Social Partners as the Director of Strategic Technology nearly 2 years ago and now is the Chief Operating Officer of Arcane Marketing. Being a part of Arcane excites him and provides the hustle and grit that it takes for a business to really grow and make a difference for their customers, it was a great fit for him to be a part of.

Tyler loves creating an organizational structure and delivery, so the COO position gives him that opportunity. Although he has a creative background, this operations role has met his definition of success. He has the opportunity to create the structure and make sure the day to day operations thrive while providing an environment where all can excel in their zone of genius. He knows his entrepreneurial experience prepared him well.

Tyler feels that both of his parents contributed to his entrepreneurial mindset.”The best business advice I live to, and we still joke about, is from my mon's favorite show, Scarface, and it's, ‘Don't get high on your own supply',” he said, “I live by it.” He explained that this advice has helped him realize that he shouldn't get caught up in ego or accomplishments but be grounded and humble.

After Tyler graduated from college he chose to be a volunteer engagement coordinator for an alternative spring break program in Washington D.C. and Baltimore. This work resonated with his values and who he wanted to be. He lived at a boys and girls club for 6 weeks and realized the impact that citizen and community have on individuals. He's still a certified coordinator and has traveled all over the United States helping and serving. That translates to his local service with Breaking Boundaries, Idaho Falls High School and CEI Foundation support.

“I live my life with the openness and consciousness that people enter my life when they are meant to be in my life…….and [I act on it],” he said. He feels that gratitude being a core of his values has helped him to live in integrity and help him know who he is. He starts and ends each day with gratitude.

Tyler's advice for anyone starting a business includes celebrating what makes you unique. He encourages any small business owner who wants to grow their business financially or otherwise to attend RizeCon on November 7-8th.


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