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Episode 43 – Timanee Olsen of Cookie Momster

Cookie Momster
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Secret to Success

Taking her grandmother's recipe and perfecting it has been the secret sauce that has opened doors for Timanee.

Timanee has been a stay home mom with side-hustles over the years to make extra money for her family. She loves to entertain and a couple of years ago she had an “ugly Christmas sweater party” and made sugar cookies decorated like ugly Christmas sweaters. From there friends started asking her to make cookies and she quickly saw that making decorated sugar cookies could be a business. She knew her recipe was unique and people loved them.

She has a creative talent and as people would ask her to make different characters or things, she could see a Pikachu in a circle cookie cutter and a golf bag in a box truck cookie cutter and Ramen noodles in a rectangle cookie cutter. Her talent for design added to her

Before she knew it she was being interviewed by East Idaho News and her kitchen became a 24 hour bakery. She found herself booked 9 months out for cookie orders. “Every surface in my house was covered with cookies all the time,” she said, “I probably had 200-300 coookies going at a time.”

Mrs. Powell's contacted her and offered their kitchen for her use after hours. This opened so many doors for Timanee because it allowed her to bake so many more cookies than she had been doing. This included using wholesale buying for ingredients. She had a learning curve with the change but figured it out. This gave her the chance to catch up on orders and get more cookies into stores. Until she was reported to the Health Department. Under the “Cottage Law” she's not allowed to sale wholesale so she's had to pull her cookies from the stores.

In addition to her cookie success Timanee has become an accidental Facebook influencer. When people learned of Timanee's story they started following her. “I didn't plan on this at all,” she said. Timanee said she's very open and willing to tell her story. She talks openly about her mental health and her challenges with depression including hospitalization for threatening suicide. She realizes that this was a turning point in her life and she wants to be a help to others who may be feeling challenges in their own life. “I'm relatable on a crazy level,” she jokes.

Her cookies are always a smashing success. She recently sold over 1500 cookies in under 2 hours at a craft fair. She loves sharing her cookies and she has a strong tribe who love her. She plans to have a “pop-up” store starting on Dec 7th and will be opened one day (or so) a week. She's still taking private orders and is booking two months in advance now. The future is so bright and it will be fun to see what she does next.


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