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Episode 44 – Jason Weaver, FIX Marketer

Jason Weaver
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Helping Small Business

Jason Weaver wrote a book. A really awesome book. It gives small businesses a 7-step plan to 10 times marketing return on investment. “Some clients have a big budget and some clients have no budget and I wanted to be able to serve everybody at all levels. I wanted to be able to give back to the community,” he said. “The book came from my heart, what I've learned,” he added, “I tried to formulate the book so it didn't have all that marketing jargon.”

Providing a simple resource for small business was important to Jason. “Start where you can,” he advises. He agrees that marketing can be overwhelming and the book gives basic steps that can be followed one at a time.

Jason has had 10 years of experience of marketing in large and small businesses and so the concepts that he teaches in the book are also practices that he's followed. FIX stands for Framework, Identity, and X-factor. This structure provides the simple steps to get results.

According to recent statistics, more than 50% of businesses are doing their marketing on their own. “They are out there, they are struggling, they don't know where to go, they don't know what to do,” he shared. He said his hope is that business owners, students, and others will pick it up and apply some of the principles. One application at a time will make a difference.

Jason comes from a family, and extended family, of entrepreneurs. They have been an inspiration to him and he's also done work for them, although he admits he's turned his in-laws over to a qualified team member!

Jason also explains that he's passionate about helping students and living in Rexburg provides him that opportunity. He uses interns and teaches them “real life” marketing concepts.

Jason believes that his key to overcoming the hard times is connecting with people, revisiting your why and remembering what your passion is around the work. Learn from your mistakes and go forward.

Being a podcast lover himself, he has started his own podcast called Money For Average Joes. He calls it his “pet project” where he provides advice around free resources you can use as an entrepreneur. “It's so fun talking about money,” he says.

Pick up a copy of the book from his website or from Amazon. For EIE listeners he will honor a 30 min consultative meeting, just soot him an email. His email is


You can find the book and information on it at You can find information about Jason's marketing business Local Web Marketing System at You can listen to Money For Average Joe's on all major podcast players.

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