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Episode 45 – Laurel Bloomfield: Dreamers Makers Doers, Pocket Innerwear, Launch Incubator

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Great Life Lessons

Laurel Bloomfield dreamed of being a mom, and she is living that dream, but it didn't come the way that she had envisioned. After twists and turns that fueled her resolve, Laurel is an example of taking the challenges that life has given her and tackling them with all the energy of the blazing sun. On the path to motherhood she found her other calling of helping entrepreneurs live their dream.

Laurel's own entrepreneurial journey started out when she was 9 years old starting a babysitting business. She came from a family that she describes “pretty poor” and as the oldest child she took the responsibility to help them. She explains, “I got so busy that I had to train other babysitters….and then I booked them out and charged a percentage. I didn't know I was a little shark. I did that to help my family.” She feels that she has always had that drive to see a problem and want to fix it and that set her up for her lifetime of entrepreneurial thinking.

After studying animal science in school and marrying a cowboy, her and her husband purchased a 300 acre ranch in Washington and planned to flip it. In two years, after much sweat equity, they were able to sell it and doubled their money. They were able to purchase a larger ranch and start scaling their herd. She relates all of this experience as being the thing that gave her confidence to do what she has done on her own.

For several years during this time Laurel and her husband were traveling the journey of infertility. This included several surgeries and other procedures to help them accomplish their goal of becoming parents. “I dove into the businesses with my husband because I needed some outlet to build something, create something, and that is really where I got my confidence in business,” she says. After 7 years of trying to have a baby they adopted their son. “I'd do it all over again, it was my version of hell…..but now I can see….it taught me so much about entrepreneurship. Patience, dealing with rejection, every month is like the worst ‘no' I could ever hear,” she says. “When I, with my partners, build Pocket Innerwear, I was the bold one who picked up the phone and called Target. I'm not afraid if they tell me no, you can't break my heart because I've already got the worst of it, so that really gave me a boldness and a confidence that if I can get though that [infertility] I can build businesses left and right.”

While in Washington, Laurel and some friends decided to start a business where they purchased clothes wholesale and resold them on-line. In selling the styles, leggings, maxi-skirts, etc., they noticed that there was no place to put their phone, there were no pockets in these styles. One of the individuals in the business decided to make boot-cuffs with a pocket and it was a hit. Collectively the group decided that putting pockets in creative places in the trending styles would solve this common problem and they created a pocket that was original enough to meet the standards of applying for a patent. Although Laurel had never done this before, she decided to see if she could do it, and she did. Three years later they were awarded the patent. They now market this idea to medical device wearers like those who wear insulin pumps. This business brought Laurel to East Idaho to be closer to her partners, who had previously relocated.

Laurel now applies that experience to her own business Dreamers Makers Doers and helps other inventors explore the process of applying for a patent and beyond. “Ideas don't make you money, businesses make you money,” she says. In her business she takes the patent application and puts it into a step by step process that makes an intimidating task much simpler.

Laurel also is in a partnership with Kevin Quinn in the business called Launch Incubator. If you are a new business interested in launching a product, Laurel and Kevin can help.

Along Laurel's life she has had a challenges that have allowed her to learn patience and determination. “you have to take that trial and be confident that you made it through that one,” she says. “It's natural to question yourself but move those thoughts on and focus on your goal,” she says.


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