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Episode 48 – Mike Infanger, Infanger Insurance

Mike Infanger
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Following in the Footsteps of Family

Mike Infanger never doubted that he would have a business, he was surrounded by entrepreneurs and always saw his future as being an entrepreneur himself. For Mike, the hustle of business ownership success came naturally.

At the beginning of his career, Mike was working for someone else at an insurance agency and he was happy in his work. One day his mother came to him and told him that she'd had a dream that he'd started his own agency and encouraged him to look at doing it. “I kinda laughed it off…I was happy at the time…and I wasn't sure I wanted to make that jump, but it started the domino effect of me thinking about doing it on my own,” he said. In 2010 he opened his own agency and it has grown to serve several businesses and he now has employees of his own.

Mike offers several insurance options in his agency but what makes him unique are his policies for workman's compensation insurance. “Most business owners do not know there are options for them,” he says. He recommends that business owners explore their options and that there may be less expensive ways to get Workman's Compensation insurance as compared to directly through the State.

“Failure is not an option,” Mike shared, “in our family, there is huge family support.” Many of Mike's family members own businesses and he has seen them be successful in business. Mike agreed that his risk tolerance is high but has changed as he has married and had a family.

Inspired by a Facebook group of insurance agents, Mike started a Facebook group called Entrepreneurs of Idaho. He has over 800 members in the group that he started just a couple of months ago. The idea behind the group was to have a place to support one another and make recommendations for each others business as well as ask questions. “It's fun to see how often you get an answer,” Mike explained, “it motivates me to hear when businesses have a problem and push through and succeed.” Mike believes that we can learn from one another and help each other grow and succeed.

For other individuals who are new to business or thinking about business, Mike recommends hanging in there. There are many advantages to business ownership and if you can endure through the difficult times it's absolutely worth it. Mike attributes some of his success to his parents and how he was raised. He feels that the example of his parents gave him a good roadmap to success.


If you are interested in joining Entrepreneurs of Idaho, please find the group on Facebook and request access. Currently, it is a private group.

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