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Episode 52 – Shelly Shumway, Life Empowered

Shelly Shumway
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Emotional Decluttering

“I want [my customers] to have hope, to be able to get rid of the things that aren't them, so that they can shine through in their God-given gifts and talents and know whey they are here.” Shelly Shumway says of her work. Teaching mindset and connecting the body and mind is the core of her process. “The body is designed to heal itself emotionally and physically,” she explains, and she feels that you have to work on both to really heal.

Family comes first and Shelly is able to most of her work at home while being a mom to her 5 children. Because of technology, Shelly is able to use video conferencing to hold group coaching sessions as well as visit with her one to one clients. Shelly also teaches at conferences and retreats from time to time. Her dream is to be on a big stage and really impact multiple lives at a time.

Shelly's journey started about a decade ago with her own battle against anxiety and depression while trying to be the best mom and wife for her family. “I thought, why am I not okay? Why am I not okay being a mom and taking care of my kids at home?” she said. She read books and hosted a book club and about 5 years ago she attended a seminar where she had a vision of her future being on stage teaching others. At that time she just knew she had to create a career around her passion.

She says her success is because she is willing to learn and then share what she has learned, she believes she's a shortcut to that education for her clients. She is a conduit of the information and then she teaches it to those who are open to learn. That combined with an innate gift of listening and really hearing has provided her clients with just word of mouth and no marketing. Her demographic has become women entrepreneurs who are interested in growing themselves personally. “I love them, because that's where I am,” she says, the people she serves are a lot like her. “They are influencers, and I see what's holding them back,” she says.

This journey has not come without challenges and one of those was overcoming her own self-doubt and fear. She also had to push through the limiting beliefs of her extended family who could not understand why she would want to work and felt there would be a negative impact on her children. She explained that she had to work through the “mommy guilt” and other judgments that she was feeling in order to go forward. “It wasn't them changing at all, it was all me. I was able to give myself the permission and it didn't matter what anyone else said,” she explained.

One of the bold moves she made to help her own fears was to join a beauty pageant. “Pageants were never on my radar at all, I didn't think it was a reality for me. I grew up shy and socially backwards,” she said. After listening to the advice of a friend who told her that the pageant would be a great way for her to grow, she decided to give in and applied. She used emotional tools and other methods of her own to prepare for the pageant and that whole process actually helped her create one of her current courses. She didn't place in the pageant but understood why she had to take the journey, “it was a tool for other people to have hope.”

Shelly says to anyone looking to go into business for themselves, “when you first have a dream, keep it to yourself for a little while and let it germinate in the soil a little bit. Take care of it, don't necessarily tell your family about it yet even if you have a great relationship with them. Well meaning family sometimes squash our dreams and they don't even know they are doing it.” Shelly also believes in finding a mentor and following their direction will help to keep you on the right path. She has also embraced her children into her business and includes her 3 year old in her coaching calls. Her clients have respected the fact that Shelly is a better coach not having to worry about interruptions or apologizing for her kids being present. “We don't have to separate, they can be one. Get rid of the judgement,” she says.


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