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Episode 56 – Dave Roseberry, Proxy Score

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Service to the Core

Scoring acts of service is a new concept but Dave Roseberry feels that it's necessary. “Similar to a credit score but based on service and generosity,” Dave says, “you are building your life's legacy.” Proxy Score is like a journal to keep track of service and generosity. It can also be used as character identification. “If you have a huge Proxy Score, you generally think of others,” he says, “HR departments can use this to see how a candidate matches their culture.”

Dave has had this idea come to him over years of experience and feels that candidates, historically, are not represented appropriately. This could be a job, a dating site or any place where understanding someone's character is important. Proxy Score is a marketing website that helps businesses market. “Promoting acts of service is what this is,” Dave says.

One of the biggest barriers that Dave has had to overcome is the thought that people shouldn't have to be motivated to do service. We teach our children that we should expect to feel good when they do acts of service. We should be proud to keep track of it and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. When you use Proxy Score to record your acts of service, each act of service needs to be validated by a third party or include a picture in order to be given a score.

Dave said that his whole life growing up was spent giving service. He was raised in a church that promoted service and was active in scouting where service was center. With this upbringing, he saw his future as serving his children and his family and thought he had it all figured out. He got married and had 4 kids and then he said, “My whole life came crashing down. I got divorced, my whole purpose, serving my kids, was taken away. It was killing me…..I planned my suicide.” While he was driving to try to reconcile with his ex-wife he was praying for help and he asked God for a sign. Out of nowhere, he collided with four horses. The impact totaled his truck. As he sat stunned from the impact he heard the horses dying, “I felt like I was trying to be taken, but I wasn't.” He believed this was his sign but it did not relieve his depression and he bargained with God that he wouldn't end his life then, he'd give it 3 months to see if life really improved.

Since service had been such a part of his life before he felt compelled to use service again to help him overcome his feelings of despair. He advertised himself as a handyman that would do repairs and general work for free. “It saved my life, it was my hope,” he said.

The idea of Proxy Score clicked when thinking about ways to motivate teens to provide service to overcome their own depression and the rising statistics of teen suicide. “This idea is new and it is patent-pending, the website has been up for 2 months,” Dave said. He has many individuals who are curious and interested in the idea. Dave's dream with this is to create a movement and that the public embraces it as such, to serve our community.

Dave is scheduled to go to a casting call for Shark Tank to see if he can take this idea to the next level. His biggest challenge right now is to spread the word about this service. Personal accounts are free and any of us can start building our Proxy Score right now.


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