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Episode 60 – International Institute of Massage, Jasmine Kinney

International Institute of Massage Therapy
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Taking Massage to a Higher Level

After taking a detour through the Virgin Islands, in 2007 Jasmine came back to Idaho to help her sister. While working as a professional massage therapist she saw a lack in the market for trained therapists and it inspired her to start her own school. “I've always been an entrepreneur, always, I've always had a mind for forward-thinking and seeing and utilizing spaces of need or possible income,” she said. Because she had helped others create a curriculum, that wasn't a new concept for her. It took her a year to create the program. “The program has gone from 732 hours to 1054,” she explained. This is way above what the state of Idaho requires at 500 hours. Jasmine requires so many hours so that her students can meet the standards of other governing boards and practice anywhere in the United States as well as the world.

Working in the Virgin Islands gave her varied experience and gave her the opportunity to travel. “The money was really good,” she said, “coming home was a cosmic intervention to help me grow up.”

The school had 7 graduates in February and currently has a class enrolled, even during the COVID-19 stay at home order. Jasmine explained how much of the curriculum has been moved to a digital format since they can't be in person. She's hoping that the state will recognize the challenges and accept the hours. “There's a lot more academia than people realize,” she said about digital learning.

The school is usually open to the public with 20 people performing massage throughout the week. Jasmine explained that they are busy and the cost is discounted when students give massage because they are still learning. The school takes insurance as well as private pay.

When asked why massage is important Jasmine said, “We have so much anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, insomnia and it's all stuff that massage can really bring those levels of cortisol and stress hormones down. It's good for you.” There are several different types of massage and your massage professional can help you determine what is right for you.

Jasmine's practitioners are unable to work during this time. Her message for the public is to get out there and support their local small business when we are able to open again. She has been able to waive fees for rental for her therapists and is doing all she can to support them through these unprecedented times.

One thing that is important for the school and Jasmine is to be involved in the community. The school provides massage at many different events across East Idaho as a way to give back. “That is part of building a longer table and not a higher fence. I'm a proponent for raising everybody up,” she said, “the more I make, the more I give.”

The school has many opportunities for education, not only for enrolled students but for the community. As soon as they can they will be open to serve.


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