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Episode 67 – Cordell Pickering, Pick PT & Apex Fitness and Performance

Pick PT
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Supporting Business & Strengthening Lives

Cordell always knew he wanted to be a Physical Therapist but he also knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. “When I was 16 years old I did an English report where our teacher told us to find a profession we were interested in. The projections showed that physical therapy was a good profession,” Cordell said. Cordell chose Pick PT as the name for several reasons, not just because of his last name, but another reason is that he wants patients to pick PT before narcotics, especially around back injury. “The motto of our company is ‘Live Life Moving' the evidence for treating people with back pain is movement,” Cordell explains.

Cordell chose Rexburg to open his practice because of his training in spine therapy. There was a physician office that was interested in working with him to rehab their spine patents so Rexburg was a good fit. Cordell also is trained in vestibular therapy working with local ENT's on patients with inner ear problems. Rexburg has been a good fit for what Cordell is trained and specializes in.

His physical therapy practice has expanded to Idaho Falls and is performed out of his second business, Apex Fitness and Performance. “Here it's different, there are two evaluation rooms and a huge gym,” Cordell explained. “A big issue in the PT world is that patients don't get stressed enough. A lot of issues are an endurance issue in their spine. It's definitely a different type of gym but I've really enjoyed it.” Cordell's plans are to spend more time in Idaho Falls treating patients than he has in the past and growing his practice in both cities.

“A lot of physical therapists aren't interested in doing to the business side of things. For me, it really comes down to how I grew up. I grew up in an environment of being with a business family. Talking about business on Sunday is not an uncommon thing,” Cordell says. Cordell comes from a family that has had several different businesses. He has always known that owning a business would be a part of his life. Cordell has had his own experience with back pain and in treating his family for their back pain related to the type of the blue-collar work they have all done and he feels that has helped him be more relatable to his patients.

Cordell loves the mix of therapy with the gym and felt like adding Apex Fitness and Performance to his portfolio. The gym focuses on performance and helping athletes achieve their peak performance.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Cordell has started a Facebook group called Stand Up to COVID-19 Support East Idaho Local Business. “The reason that I started this group is that when COVID started I noticed that there were a lot of business owners who were confused and stressed out and they didn't know what to do. When I started the group it grew pretty quick. I created the group to try to bring good information and provide a platform for business owners to advertise and community members to support them,” Cordell explained. He said that many people have reached out to him and thanked him because it was helpful to their business or to find a business that could be supported. It's open to everyone and he encourages everyone to join.

The future of the group is to keep it open and active as a way to support East Idaho Business. “The thing that is going to make the group the most effective is the number of members. I'm hoping to increase the group and keep it going after COVID-19,” Cordell said. All businesses are allowed to post on the group and can do that up to twice per week. Cordell has experienced powerful outcomes and experiences throughout the group and hopes to provide that same platform for others.

Having opened his businesses during a very difficult time Cordell has had to rely on his optimism. “I think for me that I'm just more of an optimistic person. I try not to get discouraged. I think every business owner probably had a little stress headache the first couple of weeks when everything was getting shut down. For me I take it as there is nothing I can do about the situation and I can't change any laws, all I can do is be optimistic and helpful,” Cordell says. He feels this will be the key to his success in the future, to be helpful to the community.

Cordell has a vision for the future of his company in serving the community but also providing different opportunities than what has been common for physical therapists who come to work for him. His advice to other business owners is to give it 100% and you'll succeed.


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