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Episode 69 – Becca Madsen, The Fizz Bizz

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Serving Happiness in a Cup

For 5 years Becca and her husband, Jeremy, have been running The Fizz Bizz in Rigby, Idaho. 3 years ago they expanded to the west side of Idaho Falls and they have recently added a soda truck that they use to cater and serve different areas. “It's a cute little pink soda truck. That's been a fun addition,” Becca said.

The Fizz Bizz is a custom mixed soda shop. They also serve cookies using their original recipes and some other food items that are perfect compliments to the soda, mostly requested by their customers. “Over time we have grown the menu because we have had customers wanting more. I think that's what sets us apart, it gives more options,” Becca explains. They also serve flavored water for those who aren't soda pop drinkers.

The Madsen's had their first experience with mixed sodas when they were visiting Utah. Being a self-proclaimed lover of her own soda and having her first mixed soda she knew other people would also want it. “I would be my own number one customer. I wanted everyone to have that same experience and I wanted to bring that to Idaho,” Becca said.

Although they had experienced being business owners of their construction company they hadn't had experience in food service. Jeremy had to have a couple of back surgeries and that prompted them to look for diversification of business and this seemed to be the perfect fit.

“We found our location within 30 days and opened within 60 days,” Becca said. Many of the recipes are trial and error and Becca reported that they drank a lot of pop for at least two weeks straight. Many different ingredients are used to flavor the soda including syrups, juices, fruit puree, and creamers. “We wanted to make sure we were true to ourselves and creating our own things,” Becca said. They also give fun names to the drinks that are unique to the area and sometimes named after the individuals who created them.

Becca said that the business was immediately successful. “My husband will tell you that in his mind he thought it would be like a snow shack, like a seasonal thing. But we knew pretty quickly, within 60 days, that this was going to be a full-time machine,” Becca said. For just over a year they have been in a larger location in Rigby to accommodate all of the customers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic they were able to keep their drive through open while their dining room was closed. This also prompted an updated website and curbside pickup of which they are still doing. Surprisingly they saw record numbers during the pandemic. “We had people tell us this was the only reason they had to leave the house today. This was the only social interaction some were getting in a day. We had new customers coming because the gas stations were closed and they knew we sold pop,” Becca explained.

The Fizz Bizz originally started out as The Soda Pop Stop. Unbeknownst to them, there was a company in California that had the same name. Once Becca's business was brought to their attention they sent a letter asking the Madsen's to change the name. It then became The Rigby Rush. Originally starting with business owners, the Madsen's decided to buy those owners out. This gave them an opportunity for a fresh start and they then decided that The Fizz Bizz fit better especially since they had decided to expand outside of Rigby.

As a married couple owning a business there can always be challenges. Becca says she's the one that comes up with the ideas and Jeremy she is the one that makes it happen. “We complement each other pretty well. I'm the gas and he's the brakes,” she explains. Becca said that they are both hard workers and they are clear in their roles and that also helps. Their four children are involved in the business in various ways and witness everyday what having your own business is like.

The future of The Fizz Bizz includes a new location in Ammon, Idaho. They are building that location and will be breaking ground by the end of June. They are also planning to open a location in Firth, Idaho. “That's been one of our biggest debates. Do we keep it small or expand? Also, how fast do we grow? It's finally time and we need to do it,” Becca said.


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