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Episode 76 – Dalin Bernard & Chris Parrett, Social Hustle & Prepp’d

Social Hustle & Prepp'd
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No Better Partners

Dalin Bernard and Chris Parrett attended Rigby High School at the same time, but they didn't really know each other. Skip forward 10 years and they are now partners in two thriving businesses.

Dalin started Social Hustle, a digital marketing and web development agency, and was aware of Chris' talents through working together with mutual clients. After selling a particular job he reached out to Chris and asked him to quit his 9-5 to come work with him so, Chris did, and together they've made Social Hustle thrive.

Prepp'd was born through Chris's love of cooking. They were motivated by making good meals. “It really just started from this desire to have good food, to be able to eat healthy,” Chris said. Having cooked and prepared large quantities of food for friends and family they had the realization that they could do that as a business and sell fresh meals locally so people wouldn't have to prepare them themselves.

Chris found a love for food and for cooking early in his life. He admits that his food choices at that time weren't the best for his health and that inspired him later to look for ways to prepare healthy meals. Chris's primary role is to develop recipes and he works with the head chef, Brianne Clark, to create the rotating menu and meals. “Bri, she was able to take what I loved and what tasted good and really refine it into what was sustainable. Meals that we could serve every week, meals that you could eat regularly and wouldn't get sick of,” Chris explained.

Prepp'd has meals that are available in the store, located in Ammon, and also through a membership where meals are delivered to your home or business. “When we launched, we sold out in like 3 hours. We ended up having to buy more cooking equipment, we had to hire additional line cooks.” Chris said about opening up the business. “We had an idea of how many had pre-registered. We had no idea what our conversion rate would be,” Dalin said about the launch. Applying their marketing skills learned from Social Hustle helped provide the success with kicking off Prepp'd.

Dalin and Chris have felt the support for local business. “I can't tell you how much that means. ‘You guys are here locally, I'm going to cancel what I'm doing now just to support you.' The amount of trust, that feels so good,” Chris shared. They also understand the responsibility they have to deliver what they have promised.

“The coolest part of being a business owner is being able to help those people around you. To be able to help people, not just friends and family, I'm proud to be able to give them opportunities,” Dalin said about starting a business. Dalin's vision for business and knack for sales has set the foundation for their business ventures. Coming from an entrepreneurial family he knew from a young age he wanted to be an entrepreneur himself.

Although Dalin and Chris are confident in their skills they have moments of doubt. Chris said, “Dalin brings passion and energy to the business. I try to make sure everything is stable and level and Dalin runs and carves a path for us. Do I get nervous, do I feel curious if it's going to fail? Hell yes! Anybody that is an entrepreneur and says they don't worry is lying. It's scary, but it really does come down to whether you are in or you are out.” Chris says they have to fall back on whether they are going to do whatever it takes to make it work and decisions are easy when they remember they have committed to success.

When advising those interested in self-employment they remind others that it takes time, hustle and grit. “Make sure it is something you love to do,” Dalin said. The life of an entrepreneur is 24/7 and there isn't free time, your business is always on your mind.

The future for Dalin and Chris includes growing Social Hustle and positioning themselves for other business opportunities as well as expanding Prepp'd to serve surrounding communities.


For more information on Social Hustle, visit their site at and for more information on Prepp'd, or to become a member, visit their site at

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