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Episode 77 – Mike Tayor, Taylored Fit

Mike The Trainer Taylor
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Mike The Trainer Taylor

Mike's college education started with studying business until an economics class brought him to the realization that it might not be the right career for him. After moving on to performing arts and finding out that his lack of piano proficiency would be a big stumbling block he turned to his physical education professor and asked, “How can I do what you do?” He changed his major to sports science and went on to get his master's degree in health education.

“I figured out I can work with people, I can talk about exercise and biomechanics and things that I'm interested in and teach people to help them feel better, look better, and just be happier with themselves and their lives,” Mike says.

Mike's approach is holistic and takes in nutrition, behavior modification, and activity in a way that is enjoyable for the clients he serves to help them meet their fitness goals. “One of the things people like about me is that they don't feel judged. We have that accountability factor but they know me, they know my story. I've been through the ups and downs of weight loss and healthy lifestyle management so I'm no stranger to the self-shame and the self-loathing we go through,” Mike said, “I try to find out where they are at and go from there.”

Since college Mike has worked full-time at the health department as well as providing personal training. “The last few years I've noticed that I've been trading time for money. I was running short on time. I've been working well over 60+ hours a week. I decided I've got to do something different,” Mike explained. As an answer to this, he has developed an online coaching program. COVID-19 has sped this up and now Mike has a fully virtual program for his clients where anyone can tap into any time during the day.

The vision is to grow his business and create a platform that anyone across the globe could access to use. He continues to see clients 1:1 as well as provide his virtual program and some small groups. When asked what he thinks sets him apart he said, “Personal training. I develop and design your program just for you. I'm the type of trainer you need.” He feels that his experience and training allow him to create a program that leads his clients to success.

Mike shared that his uncle told him once, “Mike, if you aren't living on the edge, you're taking up too much space. I really like that, the edge is the defining moment of what happens. You either stay on the edge or fall off.”

He admits that one of his biggest challenges is believing in himself daily. Although he does that for other people, he still needs that for himself. He feels strongly that you need to have your own support system and that is what helps to get you through the tough times. “We have setbacks, we have to learn self-reflection. Don't stew on the negative, learn from it and move on,” he said.

Mike's family is active in sharing the story of fitness. They have recently started a YouTube channel called Taylored Fit Fam to share their own lives and how to fit fitness into everything a busy family of 6 kids has to do.

When considering self-employment Mike advises others who love to serve customers and are willing to have integrity in your business to go forward and follow your dreams.


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