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Episode 78 – David Moran, Servant’s Heart Entertainment

Servant's Heart Entertainment
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David Moran and James Manzanares saw that there wasn't a space for performers, wannabe performers, and for people to get together and enjoy that entertainment. David said, “I've always loved music, it's always been a dream of mine to be involved in music in some way. I wished that someone would take me under their wing and help me out. We want to be the people we needed when we were growing up.”

The name Servant's Heart Entertainment came from David's original rap name that he had when he started as a performer. David explained that it isn't faith-based but their principles are based on their faith. The club doesn't serve alcohol. “I like to party. I love to have a great time. There's a group of people who want to have a good time and not worry about someone drinking too much. The teenagers in this area don't have anything to do.”

Mentoring artists through producing and performing their work is a key element of the business. They mentor individuals no matter what stage they are at by offering classes and guidance that takes them from learning an instrument all the way to performing on stage.

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely impacted the success of the dance club, especially since they opened its doors right as the pandemic was hitting. The vision is that it will continue to grow and will take over all of the space they currently have. Despite the setback with the club the recording studio and mentoring program have continued to grow. “We closed down the club, we expected the club to fund most things but surprisingly the studio has been funding us,” David said.

Every Tuesday they have an artists showcase for the public. The performers apply to be a part of the show and if they have refined their sound and stage presence enough, they can perform. “There's paying people who come and we pay them to perform. If they are at the showcase they are great performers,” David said. They pay the artist off of how many people come to watch them. They also live-stream the event so anyone can watch it from home.

In order to follow their dreams, David and James pooled their savings to secure their lease and purchase their equipment. David admits that there are many reasons they shouldn't be successful but it's clear that this is needed in East Idaho and they don't plan on closing the doors anytime soon.”The biggest critique that we have had is that we are going to shut down or that it's been tried before. Nobody's ever done what we have done with the studio,” David says.

David works hard to achieve his dreams. He has two other jobs working in non-profit at YMCA and Community Youth In Action as well as launching Servant's Heart. He was able to try out the idea of Servant's Heart Entertainment at a non-profit event. “The first Servant's Heart event was for Habitat for Humanity. It worked, so I figured I could do something with it!”

David's dream is to be a part of creating a successful entertainer from East Idaho. “One of my inspirations is in Chicago, they have something like this. Chance the Rapper came through that program and I want something like that from here,” David said.

David and James are committed to their success and the success of others. “As early as the day before yesterday, I was sitting back wanting to do so much more. Generally speaking, we have faith and we are both extremely passionate about it. The way we see it is if this fails we have already served people in this space and we are happy with that,” David said. He is open to learning lessons along the way and doesn't dwell on doubts. He believes in action. He believes that his Christian beliefs and principles have set him up for success.

David invites everyone to come to the club and to the showcases to support the artists. They are also offering sponsorships for businesses to sponsor artists and be a part of their journey. The event space is available for rent. They have high school night on Thursdays and many other activities happening all throughout the week.


If you are interested in sponsoring an artist reach out to David or James. You can find more information about Servant's Heart Entertainment at

I'd like to welcome James Manzanares as the show's new editor! Reach out to him if you have any production or editing needs.

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