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Episode 84 – Josh Packer, Josh Packer Photography

Josh Packer Photography
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A Side of Beautiful

By day Josh Packer is a mild-mannered certified public accountant but in his spare time, he creates masterpieces with photography. “It's just me out taking photos,” Josh said. Josh explained that his therapy is being out in nature and it was the perfect setting for him to start taking pictures.

Josh received his first camera when he graduated from college and he used the time that had been dedicated to studying on perfecting his photography skills. “My wife bought me a class from Chris Palmer at Perfect Light,” Josh said as he was explaining how he learned to take pictures. He said he instantly fell in love with photography.

“Too often we just pass by life. We just pass by something in the car and we never take two seconds to actually enjoy what we're looking at. That's what I love to do, I love to try to bring nature to people,” Josh said.

Josh's photos are a work of love and patience. He explained that he will watch web cameras and look at other indicators waiting for just the right conditions to take pictures at some of his favorite places. He's clear about the fact that his photographs are not photoshopped to get the beautiful images but rather it's a matter of finding the right location and using just the right lenses. “It's called distance compression,” Josh explained.

Josh enjoys teaching other people how to take photographs. “It's amazing to me that I can help somebody even though I was never a professional photographer. I never went to school for any of this, but I can help them learn,” Josh said. He feels that's inspiring to aspiring photographers because they know they can do it too.

When asked about his talent for creativity Josh replied, “I think everyone has this eye for creativity. For me personally, maybe I do, maybe I don't, but I think it's just about seeing things differently. Going beyond the obvious, that's the biggest thing for me.” Looking for something interesting and getting down low are two of his biggest tips.

Josh feels hindered from time to time by not having a formal education because he doesn't know all the details about how cameras work as some professional photographers do. However, he knows if you understand the basics you can do a lot with your camera. “It's not that important to me because I feel like I can still capture those scenes. It's more learned on the job. It's about getting out there and experience it,” Josh said.

With over 128K followers, Josh has had Instagram success by working it. “I got on Instagram pretty much when it first came out. It's changed a lot since then,” Josh explained. He recognizes that now it's hard because it's not as easy for people to see your images. One tip he said was that you need to post quality content and post your best photos. Using hashtags has been successful for him and also getting featured by other accounts. “Just stick with it,” Josh says.

Finding a mentor has been important for Josh. He has a few individuals who have advised him along his journey. One of those does photography on the side and also has a full-time job. “It's amazing what you can still do,” Josh said about working and also making an income on a side-gig.

“I'm really trying to focus on my artistic work and showcase it. I'm focusing more on valuing my work,” Josh said. He's doing this by offering limited edition prints and creating a little FOMO with his photographs.


If you are interested in seeing Josh's work or purchasing any prints visit his website at You can also get on his email list for notifications regarding his prints. Find his work on Instagram at

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