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Episode 91 – Mitch Scott, Scotty’s Country Smokehouse

Scotty's Country Smokehouse
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Wait, aren't you Glenwood?

Although we may have known them as Glenwood Smoked Meats, the sale of a production plant became an opportunity for rebranding and also came with a name change. “My father's nickname was Scotty and we decided we would start using the name Scotty's,” Mitch explained.

Glenwood came from his father and his partner when the business started over 50 years ago. His father's name was Glenn Scott and the partner was Richard Wood and so they decided to name the business Glenwood. They started out with more of a focus on fresh meats but as Glen perfected his seasoning recipe for beef jerky and smoked meats Mitch and his brother convinced him that is where they should focus. In 1978 Glen bought his partner out and they moved to their present location in Idaho Falls.

Mitch had seen the vision for the family business to grow and to sell jerky all over the country. They sold their jerky to all of the convenience stores in the area, but it wasn't always an easy sell. “They weren't that receptive. We went out and we all know what jerky is now, back then it was just a little bit and they told me they had way too much jerky already,” Mitch said. Mitch went from store to store and sold the jerky until it grew and they also started a distribution business as a result.

Scotty's and the ancillary businesses now employ several family members. “It's been good, we've really been fortunate and people are surprised. It's worked out really well,” Mitch said.

Mitch feels that the uniqueness of their product is small batch and small inventory. The product is flavorful and fresh and high quality.

Mitch has done several different things in business over the years and admitted that from time to time he has had feelings of doubt. “I looked around a little bit and I just kept coming back to this,” Mitch shared. He said he's grateful for branching out because it really made him appreciate the jerky business.

Scotty's is expanding its footprint next to its current location in Idaho Falls. The jerky business and distribution business is growing and they plan to keep spreading across the nation.


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