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Episode 92 – Chanse Powell, Senior Solutions

Senior Solutions
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Having been in senior care all of his career, Chanse Powell has always known that he wanted to help the senior population. He noticed that there was a serious information void when it comes to making decisions for aging parents or an aging spouse. “Seniors deal with a lot of loss, they deal with a lot of change and I really felt like there was a desperate need for a guide,” Chance explained.

Senior Solutions provides that coach, consultant, and coordinator who becomes that one place to get information, learn about options and receive guidance. “I am that guide who can hold your hand and walk through the (healthcare) maze together,” said Chance. Services are currently free to clients.

Chance's career had been going on an upward trajectory right on schedule, in the way he envisioned. He was given the opportunity to run a nursing home at age 29 in his hometown of Rexburg, Idaho. He was forced out of the position by a new management company that took over the facility. Chanse said, “I was devastated, terrified, bitter, confused, and worried about my future. Why did this happen to me? Was I going to amount anything in my career or did I blow my chance? Was I like a shooting star that was bright and vibrant but that later flames out in the sky no longer to be seen?”

A few weeks before his last day he started to receive inspiration on the name of a company, what he needed to do, and the dots started to connect. Even though he had this inspiration he said, “For a long time I wondered why in the heck did this happen? Why did things go so smooth and then I flamed out? Why did I get a lucrative raise, received a promotion, bought a house, and then 6 months later I was unemployed?” Months later he received inspiration that came via a video called “The Will of God” by D. Todd Christopherson.

The analogy is shared of a currant bush that was vastly overgrown on a run-down farm and how the farmer cut the branches back. He saw tears on the cut-off branches and he thought he heard it say, “How could this happen to me, I was making such progress, all of the trees in the garden will laugh at me.” The gardener responded, “I am the gardener here, and I know what I want you to be”. He said, “When I watched that video it felt like God touched my soul and I felt that God didn't want me to run a nursing home for my career he wanted me to start Senior Solutions. All of my experiences had prepared me for this moment, and if I hadn't had gone through what I went through I wouldn't have been able to build the business the way it needed to be built.”

Chanse shares that much of his inspiration came from his own father who, when Chanse was just twelve years old, had a cerebral hemorrhage that left him having to re-learn basic activities of daily living. He saw his father go from being a powerful banker in the community to being dependent on others to survive. “I know what it's like to be around someone who loses their abilities. I have a soft spot for those individuals,” Chanse said. His father went on to work with him at Senior Solutions and continues to be an inspiration even since his death over a year ago.

When asked about what advice he has for anyone considering self-employment Chanse said, “You need to be passionate about what you are doing. Running a business is hard even if you love what you do, it's so much harder if you don't love what you do. You need to have the deep desire and fire to drive you when the times get tough and you can't summon the necessary energy to push through if you aren't passionate and have a clear vision of why your business is important to the world.”

Senior Solutions is currently located at the Innovation Center in Idaho Falls. Chanse's plans are to perfect the model and then share it so that more seniors can be served.


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