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Episode 94 – Travis Fife, Alliant Security

Alliant Security
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Security and Peace of Mind

After serving as an electronic warfare technician in the Navy for 6 years, Travis returned to civilian life and had to get a job. A national company, specializing in safes, had an opening and he was hired to be a local service technician for East Idaho and Western Wyoming. This gave him a great introduction to the security industry. “It just made sense,” Travis said.

Eventually he decided that he should go out on his own and he started the business called 50 Incorporated which evolved into Alliant Security. “I'm not going to say I was intentional about that market, it's just waht I knew how to do,” Travis said “occasionaly sleeping in the truck, that what I had to do”. He was able to create relationships with certian banks and he became thier go-to person. “I've had a relationship with a lot of my customers for a long time,” Travis said. The success to the business is creating levels of security for businesses. “You're buying time. How long are you going to postpone the break-in. By putting in multiple security layers you are maximizing that time.”

Over the 17 years of doing this business, he has faced different challenges. In the beginning, there was a focus on construction and now that has changed to remodels. Technology has also changed over the years and customers have to be educated on the changes so they are able to budget for them. It used to be that the focus was on the cash that was in the building and now it's managing the security around the networks.

Travis says that the culture of Alliant sets them apart. “The people are the focus and not the product. We strive to be better all the time. It's import for us to focus on the relationships all the way around.” Travis said. His customers feel open to say something and they are able to adjust and improve because they are open with him.

Living by core values is key to Alliant's success. They hire, fire, and live by the core values they have agreed upon. “I'm going to be honest, I was never really good about the vision statements,” Travis said. As he has matured in his leadership he has realized how having a vision and values gives them structure and keeps them pointed to their true north. He knows that the leader has to set the example.

It hasn't always been a smooth ride to success. He admits to making mistakes along the way and has learned that you just have to hang in there and power through in order to stay successful. That has included making sure that the right people are in the right seats in the organization, including himself. “The right people, right seats, is so important, I can't emphasize enough how important this is,” Travis said. He is very adamant about finding the right people, especially managers.

Family is important and has supported Travis in the business. “I was gone a lot. There have been a lot of sacrifices that have been made along the way,” Travis said. He attributes his success to having open conversations and sticking together. One of the lessons he said he's learned is to find balance. He admits that he has sacrificed his family over the years but is working to make up for that now. “If I had to give one piece of advice, stop chasing the damn carrot, you'll never catch it. Is the destination worth the sacrifice?”

Travis says that the key to him staying inspired in his business is seeing the growth of his team members and it gives him a glimpse of what the future can be because of the teams. “I'm becoming less and less important all the time,” Travis said. His goal is to work himself out of a job.

The future for Travis is to work toward retirement in the next few years. He sees growth for the company and really become a strong company over the next 10 years.


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