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Episode 95 – Chris Taylor, Fisher’s Technology

Fisher's Technology
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More Than a Copier Business

When Chris' then father-in-law offered him the opportunity to turn around one of his companies, he jumped at the chance. Having a formal education as a Chemical Engineer and working in systems consulting he found he was interested in business and went on to get an MBA. With that background, Chris was anxious to see what he could do with this business. That business was Fisher's Technology. “I immediately fell in love with the business,” said Chris. Eventually, Chris and his partners would go on to buy out the owners and Chris now has majority ownership.

Fisher's Technology specializes in all things that support business including copiers, printers, managed IT services, document management, and industry-specific needs. They currently have locations in Idaho, Montana, and Eastern Washington.

As Chris looks back on his career he doesn't recall a moment when he knew that leadership was his talent but he can clearly see how it evolved and knew he loved it. When he took over Fisher's he went to the employees and said, “I work for you guys. You know what we need to do as a company to take care of our customers.” This approach has served him over the years.

“The fact that I truly was a beginner and I needed amazing people around me helped. I needed that so much around me to be successful,” said Chris. He realized he had to be humble to make it work. Creating a culture where the right people are hired and then learning from them as they grow in their roles has been a key to Chris' success. Chris is humble about taking any credit. He repeatedly gives credit to his team for Fisher's Technology's success.

Vulnerability to be wrong and curiosity to improve are key concepts to Chris' leadership. He's a fan of Patrick Lencioni and actively implements his concepts in the organization. “The foundation is trust,” Chris said. Chris has been recognized by multiple organizations for his leadership. “As leaders, we need to walk the walk,” Chris advises.

“All I think about is culture,” Chris said. Hiring is intentional at Fisher's Technology. They make a great effort to choose the right candidates for their positions. “For the right candidates that fit with the culture, it's fun. If it's not a fit, it doesn't feel right,” Chris said.

When reflecting on the pandemic, he said, “It definitely affected our business adversely, we shrunk 8%. Ultimately we became more efficient and we are healthier. The moral went up.” Chris attributes this to communication and transparency so the team knew what was happening. “It brought us together,” Chris said. After being in the business for 14 years Chris still finds energy and inspiration through his team members and customers. “I'm a growth guy. The prospect of growth is super exciting.”

Philanthropic giving is an important value to Fisher's Technology and Chris explained, “It's truly giving, we don't expect anything in return,” Chris said. This is left to each branch to decide what is important to them and supporting them to do it. This is recognized monthly by Chris and celebrated throughout the organization.

When giving advice to those looking to start a business Chris shared his favorite quote, “You're either winning or you're learning”. Figure out your product and don't worry so much about the strategy. “Don't get hung up on a brilliant strategy,” Chris said. Get out there and do it and the strategy will come. Surround yourself with people that inspire you and challenge you to achieve your goals.

Looking to the future Chris sees geographic expansion for Fisher's Technology. Growing the IT services and providing amazing customer service. Focusing on cybersecurity to keep solutions safe is also a top priority.


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