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Episode 96 – Adam Brubaker, Tied to Nature

Tied To Nature
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Guide to Nature

Adam provides ways for people to experience nature through his photography, guide service, podcast, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel. He knew he always wanted to be a guide and about 8 years ago he started to follow that passion. He received a degree in Recreation Management with clusters in Natural Resources and Communications. This allowed him to take classes like fly fishing, skiing, canoeing, and horseback riding.

After school, he pursued being a guide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “My wife didn't know about it. Within 3-4 days, I was hired,” he said. They needed him right away and he took the opportunity. He did tours in Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. These tours were 12 hours and long days. Guiding is seasonal work and he would find other work during the winter season to support his family. He learned customer service and how to be a guide.

Almost 15 hour days away from the family was too much and he wanted to do his own tour business. After relocating to Island Park and working for a West Yellowstone guide, he left that job and started Tied To Nature. Adam is unique because he offers tours out of Island Park and is the only one that is currently doing it.

During the pandemic, Adam's business grew. Because people couldn't travel internationally they traveled within the country and many came to Island Park. Adam is anticipating even a busier season this year and has hired his first employee.

Because of the network that Adam has, he is able to find wildlife. “Up until Aug 1st I'm 100% on finding a bear,” Adam said. He feels that finding wildlife is his specialty, even if it's an Old Faithful tour, he'll find a bear. Adam takes advantage of the tours to also take some pictures. His pictures are for sale but for those individuals on the tour he shares them with those on the tour.

Adam recently started a podcast called Tied to Nature's Yellowstone. This is a podcast dedicated to learning about Yellowstone and the surrounding area. He provides information on Yellowstone and wants to be the go-to place for people to rely on to learn about the park and the animals. “To be able to give someone experiences and share that with them, that's the purpose of the podcast and the videos.”

“My passion is wolves, I love wolves. That started when I was 15 and was first able to see them,” Adam said. He has many experiences of observing the wolves. He said he's never felt in danger as he's been among the wildlife but he also takes precautions like carrying bear spray and making noise. “If you're smart, you're safe,” Adam said.

Adam lives full-time in Island Park and is perfectly suited to live there. He loves snow and snow activities. During the winter he does snow coach tours for a different company. He has 4 boys who he takes along with him and sees the potential they have to be guides themselves in the future.

When asked about starting his own business he said he's learned to roll with the punches. In April of the year he started the business he still didn't have a vehicle, but he trusted that everything would work out and it did. His goal in starting the business was to spend more time with his kids and the business has been able to allow him to do it.

Given the opportunity to share advice he said, “think about why you are doing it and what the purpose is and go for it,” Adam said.

The future of Tied to Nature is growth. Adam has hired additional guides for the season, “I have guides that are going to be great guides,” Adam said, “my big goal is to provide people an experience.” Ultimately his goal is to provide tours in Island Park as well that will include waterfalls and wildlife.


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