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Episode 97 – Ryan Joos, Vulpine Marketing

Vulpine Marketing
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Crazy Like a Fox

Leaving a secure job to become a business owner was a scary decision to make but Ryan felt compelled to come back to Idaho Falls, where he was raised, and he was also driven to grow his hometown. “I can't think of any better way to really help the community grow than to help their businesses be found and help them improve their digital presence so they can really succeed in these local markets,” Ryan explained.

Vulpine is a digital marketing company helping businesses get found online. Targeting the customers that businesses are looking for is Vulpine's specialty. Ryan's experience has been in the service industry and that has translated to his own company, he said, “One of the companies I worked for specialized in SEO. I was there for five years and really gained a lot of experience.” Ryan is passionate about helping businesses create that strong digital presence.

As Ryan was considering leaving the full-time job he reached out to friends that have gone before him. “Almost everyone said, you just have to go, if you sit there and look at it you'll never do it, and so I pulled the trigger,” said Ryan. He admitted he was cautious as he moved forward and identified benchmarks that were necessary to meet and it helped to reduce his anxiety.

Ryan launched his business just days before the stay home order was issued for the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. Although the timing wasn't ideal to launch a business he said he felt very led to leave his job and begin the entrepreneurial journey despite the barrier of the pandemic. “Regardless of what happened in the world around us we still felt very confident that was the right route because we felt that way from the beginning,” he explained.

One of the keys to Ryan's success was his focus on relationships. He joined several networking groups and Facebook groups. “If we can't be meeting in person then I'm going to be known digitally,” he said. He was active in all the groups he could be in and was able to forge relationships and become known for supporting and promoting other businesses. This approach had been successful for him in the past as he was actively engaged in online forums related to his customers. This has come full circle as individuals are now referring to Vulpine.

“We met milestones way quicker than we thought it would,” Ryan said. Since this is a digital business Ryan is able to serve customers all over the nation. “The majority of our clients aren't in the Idaho Falls area,” Ryan explained.

When explaining where the name Vulpine came from, Ryan felt like it represented his business very well. Vulpine is to fox like canine is to dog. It's symbolic to him in representing how his business is clever in finding ways to implement better strategies and opportunities and not just throwing money at the process. “When people come to Vulpine they come to us because of great strategy,” Ryan said.

Looking back Ryan said he can't identify the moment he knew he would be an entrepreneur but it seemed to always be a part of him. “I was the kid that had the lawnmowing business, I did pest control sales, owned several different businesses throughout my life,” Ryan said. Learning how to run a business came from surrounding himself with knowledgeable mentors. Because he put himself in situations to learn business from others it gave him the experience to do it himself.

Growing hasn't been without difficulties. Ryan said, “Within business, there are extreme highs and lows. It's hard to deal with the downs and you question whether the decision was right.” He's ultimately grateful that he made the move and despite the challenges, he still feels that it was the right choice.

Ryan's advice for anyone considering self-employment is to just do it. “You have to be willing to make sacrifices,” Ryan said. He also advises to stop worrying about what other people will think and do what you are drawn toward.

The goals for Vulpine include continued growth and providing the opportunity for jobs. He said they are continuing to pursue their mission of helping the best businesses become the best known and don't plan on stopping that anytime soon.


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