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Episode 98 – Jason Coombs, Brick House Recovery

Brick House Recovery
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Being a person in long term recovery gave Jason the inspiration to create a faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program with locations in Boise and Idaho Falls. “We provide and illuminate a spiritual path for individuals who are chained by addiction,” Jason explained. He also has a passion for helping loved ones of addicted individuals navigate the journey and is the author of the book, Unhooked: How to Help an Addicted Loved One Recover.

Jason's road to addiction happened after experiencing a car accident when he was introduced to a physician who was running the largest Oxycontin drug ring in Utah. Succumbing to, and seeking, the feeling that drugs gave him, he was caught up in the ring and was eventually charged with multiple felonies. This led to him being homeless and on the streets of Salt Lake City desperately seeking every next high. Through a series of failed recovery attempts, he spent the next several years battling the disease of addiction.

When he was 72 days sober from his fifth attempt at rehabilitation he found himself selling hot dogs at a stand outside of Home Depot and was approached by a man asking to purchase one. When the man approached him and asked how his day was he replied, “Great, I'm 72 days sober off crack cocaine and heroin!” Although the man was taken back he asked for Jason's guidance on what he could do to help his son who was battling his own addiction. Jason found himself speaking to this man for quite a while discussing what his parents did and didn't do that contributed to his recovery. “Sometimes I forget how poignant that moment was for me because I didn't have much self-efficacy and confidence in myself to do anything great or to make a difference. I felt pretty low and was quite a failure in every sense of the word. That experience breathed life into me and the voice of the spirit told me that I had something to offer,” Jason shared.

Understanding the stages of change as they apply to any addiction is the key to helping others through the stages. Jason experienced many of the stages over and over before he was able to make a permanent change. That personal experience has provided him the empathy and understanding that gives him a unique connection to the clients he serves. “It doesn't feel like work,” Jason said.

One of the most powerful and change motivating experiences that Jason experienced during his addiction journey was when his son was born. “It was during a time when I was in and out of jail and struggling to stay sober. Due to some medical issues, my son had to stay in the hospital for 7 days. During that time I resisted love, I didn't want to love him, I didn't want to feel connection to my son, but love won,” Jason said. It was then that Jason wrote his son a letter and made him a promise that he would become a man that his son would be proud of. This was a pivotal point of shifting his thinking to wanting to become more.

Those experiences have been the driving force of serving the clients of Brick House Recovery and continue to shape the approach they take with them. They are committed to taking direction from their clients and not pushing a recovery agenda against their desires. “We would rather have a small group of people who want it,” Jason said. He is passionate about protecting an environment that promotes recovery and feels that's where being faith-based is key. Jason clarified that it is spiritual and not a specific religion. “It's the spirit of recovery,” Jason explained.

Anger at disease because he had just lost 2 friends to addiction, motivated him to open his own recovery center. Having a friend in the business who became an angel investor allowed him to pursue his dream. “What's the worst thing that could happen, fall on my face and I'll start over,” Jason said. He didn't realize that dream would become what it has become today but continues to recognize what a gift it has been in his life.

“Just do it and slobber your way through,” Jason said. For him, he took the action to reach out to other business leaders who could mentor and teach him. “It's amazing how many entrepreneurs want to mentor other entrepreneurs,” Jason said. He attributes much of his success to these mentor examples. Brick House Recovery has adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System that has given them structure and allowed him to honor the role of each contributor. He continues to learn from business books and considers himself a lifelong learner.

When asked if he would do things differently, he shared, “If I could go back and avoid all the pain I caused others, in good conscious I can't say I wouldn't change a thing, I hurt so many beautiful people. I can tell you this, the gift of this process has been expanded love and expanded capacity to love. I feel like I know how to better grasp the value of love. I don't know how I would have learned those lessons had I not experienced extreme hate for myself,” Jason shared.

The 10-year target for Jason and Brick House Recovery is to franchise the model and expand to serve as many individuals as possible. He credits his leadership team for passionately pursuing this vision that will position Brick House Recovery for the future.


Reach out to Jason or learn about Brick House Recovery by visiting You can purchase a copy of his best-selling book from the site or it is also sold on Amazon.

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