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Episode 102 – Nick Crabbs & Tiam Rastegar, Boise Entrepreneur Week

Boise Entrepreneur Week
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Building Business in Idaho

For 6 years Boise Entrepreneur Week, formally Boise Start-Up Week, has been a staple in the entrepreneurial world of Idaho. The conference consists of educational opportunities, networking, and pitch competitions where money can be won to invest in the winner's business dreams. To make the event happen takes around 70 sponsors and over 100 volunteers. The two men that oversee this production and have helped it to grow year over year are co-chairs, Nick Crabbs and Tiam Rastegar.

Nick is a partner and Chief Community Officer of the Boise-based software development company, Vynyl. Tiam is the Executive Director of Trailhead Boise. They are both passionate about business and providing opportunities for businesses to launch, grow and flourish in Idaho. So, when the original organizers of Boise Entrepreneur Week asked what could be done to improve the event, Nick jumped at the chance to share ideas. Little did he know that would position him as the logical person to take over the event. He knew that Trailhead Boise needed to be a part and so he recruited the executive director at the time. Tiam inherited the co-chair position when he entered that role and together they create an event that is authentic to Idaho.

Boise Entrepreneur Week (BEW) serves many purposes but one of the featured events is the pitch competitions. There are several different opportunities to pitch ideas that include students to inventors to food makers. In 2019, former guest Rob Poleki, was awarded $20,000 for winning the pitch competition for his Washie toilet seat.

The conference is sporting a new name this year. It has been known as Boise Start-Up Week in the past but the organizers really wanted to broaden awareness and speak to the entrepreneur ecosystem. The name Boise Entrepreneur Week was chosen to accomplish that vision. Boise remains in the name because of the location the event takes place but Nick and Tiam are clear that it's meant to be inclusive of the entire state and region.

Nick and Tiam are always looking for volunteers and sponsors.

Check out the episode to learn more about the event, the organizers, and the vision for the future of business in Idaho.


To purchase tickets or to learn more about BEW visit

The event will be a hybrid this year and is open to anyone interested.

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