About Us

What is East Idaho Entrepreneurs?

About the Host

Hi! I’m Renae Oswald, host of East Idaho Entrepreneurs. I am part of the duo that owns Oswald Service and Repair with locations in Idaho Falls and Rexburg Idaho. My husband, Kevin, is a third-generation mechanic and followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in providing excellence and trust in automotive repair for east Idaho. Together we have grown the business and increased our service to the state.

I am a registered nurse and have been for over 30 years. More than 20 of those years have been spent in nursing leadership. This experience has taught me so much about leading and growing teams, managing operations, and navigating the challenges that growing a business brings.

With all that experience I have taken the opportunity to be an entrepreneur myself and start my own businesses!

Learning about leadership and using tools that have been so powerful in my life, not just at work but at home as a wife and mother, I was compelled to share this knowledge and these tools. So, I started a consulting business called New Level Leader.

I also am the president and founder of Soul2Sole Foot Care. This is a medically based foot care service for individuals who have difficulty providing their own foot and nail care. Our team provides these much-needed services to all of east Idaho.

About the Show

I’ve always considered myself a student and love learning from those around me. With that thought I became interested in Podcasts and started making them a part of my daily life in the summer of 2016, I haven’t been able to get them out of my system since! I found that there is so much to learn and such great information and people to get to know when I listen to podcasts.

My favorite show is an NPR podcast called How I Built This. In this podcast, the host, Guy Raz, interviews entrepreneurs and innovators of businesses and products, that we all know and love, and shares their stories of how they got to where they are. Their journeys are inspiring and have given me encouragement when my challenges seemed too big to handle.

I wanted to learn more about businesses that I frequented in east Idaho, to share in their triumphs and failures, but I couldn’t find a place where these stories were told. In addition, I also felt that residents of east Idaho should have a place to hear these stories so they could get to know their business neighbors better and understand what it takes to provide the services that they do. Inspired, I decided I needed to host a podcast where these stories could be told and East Idaho Entrepreneurs podcast was born.

To book and schedule future guests I depend on your recommendation of local business owners, inspiring entrepreneurs, and influencers in East Idaho. 

In other words, who should I Interview? Have a recommendation? 

If you know of someone who has an important message or story to tell, please introduce us. My email is renae.oswaldserv@outlook.com. Thank you!